Beyonce Fans Just Aren’t That Smart

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So sorry, Beyonce stans, but a study has proven that as a collective group, y’all just aren’t that smart:

YOUR taste in music reflects your intelligence – and Beyonce fans are among the most stupid, it was claimed today.

Devotees of the Destiny’s Child star came close to the bottom of the pile in a student’s comparison between exam results and musical tastes.

But they are not the worst of the worst – unless they are also fans of rapper Lil’ Wayne – because his followers are deemed the least intelligent.

Devotees of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z also ranked low in the scale, it was claimed.

They are among the findings of the probe by Virgil Griffiths, a PhD student in America, who puts Beethoven listeners as far and away the smartest.

Griffith compared students’ scores in SAT exams with their favourite music acts and genres by analysing data on social networking sites.

Poor, stupid thangs.  SMH

In other Beyonce news, her Halo album has surpassed the success of Destiny’s Child top records:

Beyonce has officially topped the charting success of Destiny’s Child in the Top 40.

“Halo,” Beyonce’s fourth single from the now multi-Platinum album “I Am.. Sasha Fierce,” became the former Destiny’s Child singer’s 16th solo record to enter the top 40 this week.

Moving from no.41 to no.37, the Ryan Tedder assisted single helped Beyonce top the previously set Destiny’s Child record of 13 top 40 singles.

In related news, Beyonce has selected “Ego” as the next single from “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.

Beyonce is also slated to appear in the forthcoming Rainforest Films/Screen Gems flick “Obsessed”. The flick, also starring Idris Elba, is due in theaters April 24.

There’s certainly no denying that she’s getting it in with this album.  Nice.

Some pics below.

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  • Luv-Lee


  • Gemma


  • Cookie80

    I think people that waste time vreating those polls are dumb! Shut up and Dance!

  • Luv-Lee

    I cant front the Lil’ Wayne thing dont suprise me. He is the best rapper to a different generation than from what I am from.

  • jazi

    ROFLMBAO – ok stans lets here it!

  • bg


  • Gemma

    The whole experimnent is dumb lol.

  • ms meca

    omg .. the bey stans bout to riot in dis b!tch

  • AKeysFan1981

    I’m not a fan of hers. I wonder how they would rate my intelligence. Her music has no substance at all. Her audience of homosexuals and people under the age of 24 is larger than I thought.

  • bg

    I can’t wait… ” I love beyonce and I scored a 26 on my ACT” here it comes!

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    Damn! is that how they feel? If U dont listen to classical music you lack intelligence…??


    LOL!! Classic….

  • the problem


    how is that racist?

    anyway, who was stupid enough to take that dumb poll?

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….dumb asses….

  • BSStinks

    While I’m not a Beyonce, Lil Wayne, or Justin Timberlake fan, this study is very classist.

    Saying that classical music is the most advanced form of music and that only people with a certain I.Q can appreciate it is very underestimating and disrespectful.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


  • bg

    pitchforks and white sheets are one the way!

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)


    I can’t wait… ” I love beyonce and I scored a 26 on my ACT” here it comes!

    What did you score on your SAT though?

  • Awesome-0-3000

    How are people going to be upset at the findings of this poll? It simply compared SAT scores to what people selected as their favorite artist. If Lil Wayne listeners averaged 700 and Beethoven listeners averaged 1500 there you have it. This is old by the way, a couple of weeks now.

  • Sawyer

    Hell I could have told you this tid bit of info without and Study Trails being done! Hey you like what you like, however that doesnt mean its good music. But as people grow and mature so will there taste and may move towards more rewarding ear stimulation. So all is not lost, to all the idiots out there repping today’s “r&b” and “rap” music as if its the greatest thing out…NOPE TRY AGAIN!

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    to all the idiots out there repping today’s “r&b” and “rap” music as if its the greatest thing out…NOPE TRY AGAIN!



    Crosses are about to be burned…


    I wish to mash that thing on her head….she looks dumb….

  • Big Red "My office hours are from 9 to 5"

    Ha Ha, this sh$t is funny

  • bg

    @ jb

    We were always told that SAT’s were a west coast thing

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