Quote Of The Day: White Lawyer Says – “If Black Men Used ‘Stand Your Ground’ To Justify Killing Teen White Boys, There’d Be A Riot!”

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Truth hurts…

White Lawyer Says Stand Your Ground Is Used To Justify Killing Young Black Men

Former prosecuting attorney and legal analyst Holly Hughes spoke some hard-hitting truth while recently discussing the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial with CNN journalist Don Lemon.

Hughes, who is white, had this to say in response to child murderer Michael Dunn only being found guilty on four attempted murder charges and acquitted of murder for the senseless killing of unarmed teenager Jordan Davis.

via CNN

Don, let’s just keep it really real.

Us lawyers use this term, we say: “assuming arguendo,” meaning, “how about if it was like this?” Let’s flip this, Don. Let’s say that in the state of Florida, black men were murdering teenage white boys and then when they went to trial, they got acquitted using “Stand Your Ground.”

Do we really think that if that was happening, that they wouldn’t repeal the law or change it? That’s what it comes down to. And you know I’ve heard a lot of people say ‘oh well, you know black men get convicted and that’s the problem./ No, no, no..let’s do exactly the reverse.

Black adult men murdering white boy teenagers in Florida and then getting acquitted? There would be a riot to equal NONE.

They would repeal that law so fast and say “you can’t have “Stand Your Ground” anymore.” So why is it ok in this situation?

If you ask us, she couldn’t have made it anymore plain. Check out the video below of Holly Hughes speaking on the verdict and then let us know your thoughts on her perspective in the comments section.


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