Tyra Banks to be Honored By the Gays

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As a result of all the ridin’ she’s done on behalf of the gay community, Tyra Banks will be honored at 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards:

Former model-turned-talk show host TYRA BANKS and U.S. TV financial expert SUZE ORMAN are to be honoured at the 20th annual GLAAD Media Awards.
Banks is to receive the Excellence in Media Award, while Orman will be honoured with the Vito Russo Award for their efforts in gay issue awareness.
This year’s Media Awards will be held in New York on 28 March (09). Additional GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies will take place in Los Angeles on 18 April and San Francisco on 9 May.
Recently outed pop star Clay Aiken and Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight will be among the presenters.

Look at Tyra getting down for the cause.  You go, girl.

Pics below.


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  • Ermy Erm is bored already....supercajafrajalisticexpialadocious

    Why is this news?

  • I am the ONE!

    @ Nique


    Am I the only one that’s see that on her show I don’t care what the subject is she has to always find away to make it about Tyra! She is so fake to me.

  • Nique

    @ I am the ONE

    Am I the only one that’s see that on her show I don’t care what the subject is she has to always find away to make it about Tyra!

    No, I see it too. She always has a story to tell n shit. Im soo over Tyra and her extra white tongue. lol

  • c from stl

    well according to Superhead she’s been gettin’ down with women in the industry for years…lol…I get that bi vibe from her all the time….maybe it’s because she looks like a drag queen.

    On another note, she IS always making the show about herself every chance she gets. I was done with her when she did a show about dark skinned women who were bleaching their skin to be lighter and when she made her closing comments she turned to the camera and said ‘the standard of beauty is not always halle berry, or vanessa williams, or ME…’ I almost threw the remote at the tv screen…!

  • Nique

    @ C from STL

    Stick a fork in me-IM DONE! I cant believe she tried to include herself in that-she isnt the standard of beauty. UHHH!!!

    Im sure she supported him-after going through the surgery herself…lol

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Good for her…she’s racking up those awards and doing her thing. On another note, ppl, please, Tyra is gorgeous.

  • what happened to my name?

    suzie orman is a carpet muncher?

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    @ roe roe

    cuz they dont have to…

  • This I Know

    Good for Tyra and good for Suze Orman. Suze is whip smart on the finances!

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    @ roe roe

    Oprah, dont need no hubby
    Tyra, got hubbies and hubbettes
    Sanaa, been on her grind
    Gabrielle, too cute to settle
    Halle, got married and found marriage was overrated.
    Queen Latifah, u kno whats up wit that.


    GOOD 4 HER

  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    Go Tyra!

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