Swagger Jackers: 9 Artists Accused Of Being Copycats

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It’s one thing for an artist to be inspired by a look, trend, or creative work and incorporate that into their art, but there is a huge difference between “inspiration” and out right stealing. Some folks try to be slick in hopes that the general public will never be alerted to their chicanery. Joke’s on them. Here are 9 artists accused of swagger jacking.


Island Records artist Kerli let the world know Beyonce was “inspired” by her whiteout photos for her “Mrs. Carter Tour” program pictures.

Lil Kim

Make up artist Samantha Ravndahl accused the “Queen Bee” of stealing her popular “Glam Zombie” look after she posted a picture of it on her Instagram page.


Atlanta artist Spree Wilson accused Ci-Error of jacking the beat for her song “Body Party” which was originally showcased on his song “All I Need.”

Lady Gaga

Azealia Banks said Gaga stole her song ” Red Flame’ which appears on Gaga’s “ARTPOP” album. Azealia also accused the eccentric singer of copying her “Mermaid Look” she wore at several concerts prior to Gaga debuting the same look at the VMAs.

Trinidad James

Many people believed Trinidad stole his look from the “Jerome” character off of “Martin.” Back in December 2012, it was rumored “Martin” creator Gerald Levin was going to sue Trinidad over his copycat look.


Jamaican artist Patwa accused Rih Rih of copying her doobie studded with bobby pins style for the AMA awards.

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    Vanilla Ice

    Back in the day, Vanilla came under fire for allegedly stealing the beat for “Ice Ice Baby” from the legendary Rock and Roll band Queen.

    Nicki Minaj

    Fans accused Nicki of stealing her “Lookin’ Azz N***a” single from Lil Kim’s freestyle of the same name.

    Katy Perry

    Producer Dillon Francis said Katy ripped off his concept for the music video for her song “Roar.”

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