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Michael Dunn & George Zimmerman both killed unarmed teenagers & avoided murder charges, but this young black military vet will spend 25 years in prison for a non-fatal shooting done in self defense.

Military Veteran Gets 25 Years For Self Defense Club Shooting

Violence should always be a last resort as a means for dealing with conflict or confrontation regardless of you race, but the recent outcome in the case of Florida resident Michael Giles speaks volumes to the blatant presence of double standards against young black men in our judicial system.

If you’re not familiar with his story, check out a little background on it below.

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In the media, ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws have often been defended in cases where a white man kills a black youth. But these same “protective” laws don’t always seem to protect or support African Americans who are on the other side of the equation.

The case of Michael Giles is gaining increased attention worldwide after the serviceman was incarcerated with a 25-year sentence for a shooting in Florida, the same state where the cases of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis took place. Giles shot someone in the leg outside a nightclub after a fight, but his family says that he only did so because he had to.

According to All Voices News, Giles was a perfect soldier during his stint in the military. He did two tours in the Middle East and was planning to spend the rest of his life in the military. He also had no criminal record whatsoever. The fight that occurred in the club was allegedly between members of different fraternities, with 30 – 40 men getting into the altercation.

Giles says that he went to his car to get the gun after being separated from his friends. He says that he was attacked after trying to find his friends and shot a man in the leg as a result. He had a concealed carry permit for the gun. The man he shot, Courtney Thrower, says he was looking for anyone to punch at the time.

Prosecutors say that a gun is not the right way to respond to a sucker punch. But Giles’ supporters say that this case is not much different from that of George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn, both of whom were acquitted after using deadly force against another unarmed person.

What are your thoughts on this case, Bossip fam? Should Michael Giles have been sent to prison for this shooting? Let’s discuss.



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