Shots Fired: Actress Garcelle Beauvais Gives Advice To Beyoncé “Here’s How To Be Sexy Without Grinding”

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Garcelle gives Bey the ho sit down!

Garcelle Beauvais Gives Advice To Beyoncé On How To Be Sexy

Back in the late 90s, Garcelle Beauvais was the object of Black men’s fantasy while playing roles like “Fancy” the prettiest hotel clerk in “King’s Towers” that caught Jamie Foxx’s eye on “The Jamie Foxx Show” or R.Kelly’s love interest in “Down Low,” video.

These days it’s still safe to say this ageless beauty knows a thing or two about being sexy, so she’s giving tips to Bey on how to keep it classy while being a sex symbol:

Via Dallas Shark reports:

HelloBeautiful: Many women have dealt with a cheating partner. How do you feel about TV shows that portray the ‘side chick’s’ story?

Garcelle Beauvais: My thoughts are that entertainment is entertainment and you have to do what’s happening so people can relate. But, I do think it’s glorified and I do think that nowadays it seems like there are no consequences for bad behavior, there are no consequences for mistreating another human being. That part saddens my heart because I feel like young kids are seeing that it’s okay to do this and, as a mother and human being, we do have to take responsibility for some of the things that we put out there. It seems like now it’s okay to do that, if you’re not caught. And, even if you’re caught, nothing really happens. You can have a girl, be pregnant with somebody’s child and then be engaged to somebody else, it just seems like everything’s ok and it shouldn’t be.

HB: Speaking of entertainment, you were a sex symbol for many years. How do you feel about being viewed in this way and how does it affect your womanhood?

GB: For me, you’re obviously flattered when someone calls you sexy or thinks you’re sexy. I think that’s great. But, for me now, there’s so many ways to be sexy without being overt about it. I think you can wear a great short dress, but if you have long sleeves and you’re only showing leg. I think you have to stick to a body part and show that. I don’t think you have to show all of it. As I get older, I still want to be sexy, but I want to do it in a different way. I want to do it in a way that’s more classy. Certain things are just too overt for kids. I love Beyonce. I love her. I think she’s beautiful and talented. But, I think there has to be a fine line where you have to take responsibility for what you do. I think it’s good to be sexy, but sexy can come across in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be everything showing out grinding, all of the time.

Uh oh! Do you think Garcelle is right about Beyonce and other celebrities who depend on their sexiness to get ahead in their respective careers? Where is the #BeyHive???!

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