Rapper The Game Engaged to Actress Valeisha Butterfield

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Recently The Game confirmed that he is engaged to actress Valeisha Butterfield. The Game spilled his secret in a recent interview with “Sister 2 Sister” magazine, and says they plan to wed in March 2007.For those of you who do not know who Valeisha Butterfield is, she has had small roles in films such as: Remember the Titans and Road Trip. Valeisha is also the daughter of North Carolina Senator GK Butterfield, it was reported he grilled the rapper about his intentions when they first met.

Ms. Butterfield says she was surprised when he proprosed because they never dated, they went from friends to being engaged. Well to me that sounds a bit iffy to me, you have to crawl before you cripp walk Game. Seriously why do all these celebrities jump into marriage, I want to see how long this lasts.

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    I believe that who game chooses to marry iz his own will and who it iz will be az homemade statiz i belive the women he pcks were as iz essential to be made az engaged to him i believe that tiffany valeisha and imani woods are known to be wifeystatiz and who are real women who are about somebody who work real jobs az childcare workers to a representative for black america n hihop and just are teachers to kids and as real made people who live regualr life who understands games standdard who he chose to pick

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    I belive thatwho ever the game picks she lll be relevant to mess wit him or and be engaged as wifeystatiz or more the women he had have been beatiful spirited n and out naturally they are real women who az of imani woods i feel she iz known to be engaged to him because she is also about something in and out and she is itleganet who iz a representative for blacks for Blacknetworknewsinc and because she hosts her own cooking show from home and iz a homemaker who worked with kids at a daycarewhothegameclaimsas

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    Az of imani i feel that people should stop player hatn and stop being so obediant about who gameiz claimn with because az we kw the last gurl remains az imani taylor who iz known to be az wifeystatiz because of who she iz dat homemaker who is from the les of newyork and has been choosen to be his ballerwifey az of may 26 2011 they have still remaily dating now and game says he would love to be engaged with dat chick who iz a known homemaker and adores kids to step n his life az his wife one day ” in games w

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    Hi my name is imani taylor kws i am that ceo for my own cookn panamaian dishes to my soulfood dishes n western meteraian meals izreal anyhow i would like to say i feel that the engagement wit imani woods should go on and continue my belive iz because they seem like they like each other alot imani iz about and right she iz ver mature and has lot s of positive crudentuals for that made wife anyhow that have been last seen in santa monica california at a family get together and then leavnfrom their they was:)

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