BOSSIP Exclusive: Sanaa Lathan Talks New Movie “Repentance,” Having Male Groupies & Reacting To Women Thirsting After Her Man

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We chatted with Sanaa about her new movie “Repentance,” and she let us know how she reacts to groupies when it comes to her man..

Sanaa Lathan Talks To BOSSIP About New Movie Repentance And Dealing With Groupies

Veteran Hollywood actress Sanaa Lathan is heavy on the promo trail for her latest film “Repentance,” which hits theaters later this month on February 28th.

The movie, which also stars Anthony Mackie and Forest Whitaker, is a suspense thriller about a professional life coach whose decision to take on a deeply disturbed client goes bad.  BOSSIP recently caught up with the lovely Ms. Lathan to talk a little about her role in the movie as well as how some of the issues that her character faces translate into her real life.

Check out our chat below:

How is your character  in “Repentance” most like you in real life?
It’s funny, I always tell people, “you can’t leave yourself at home,” when you’re playing a character.  So, even though the character might be very different from you in the way that they manifest who they are, it’s still similar at the core.

So, let’s see….she’s a woman who is really interested in all things spiritual and that’s like me. She’s a yoga teacher for kids…and I love kids! And I love yoga [laughs]. And, yea that’s pretty much it.

Your character, Maggie, is married to Anthony Mackie’s character and his decision to counsel a disturbed personal client (Forest Whitaker) doesn’t end too well. Do you think she handled the situation well as his wife or would you have done more to persuade him not to take the client?
I think you’ll see that, with my character, she wasn’t really down for that.

I think they had decided between the two of them, as husband and wife, that he was going to take a break from having personal clients because it was taking him away from her. I think she was wondering, you know, what is it about this guy that was making him break this promise that we had between us.

And, you know, clearly he should’ve stayed away because, look what happened!

Comedic actor Mike Epps is also in the film, but he plays a more serious character this time. How was it working with him playing that type of role?
Great. Someone once told me that all comedians usually, in general, have a very dark side. Whatever it is that makes them funny and gives them the need to make people laugh comes from some kind of pain. I don’t know if that’s true of Mike but, I do know that we were very impressed with his dramatic work.

You know Anthony Mackie and Mike, they had me rolling. They’re both very funny people and it was great to have the laughter and the lightness when you’re dealing with such a heavy subject.

Sanaa also opened up about how she reacts to femlae groupies thirsting after her man in a relationship and shared some of the craziest things male fans have done to get her attention over the years. Hit the flip for the rest of our interview.

Your character briefly touches on the subject of men having groupies since your husband in the film is a published author. Do you think groupies are a necessary evil in relationships to let you know that your man has still got it?
I think that as long as you’re secure in yourself and secure in your relationship, it’s a flattering thing.

Obviously, it starts with you. You know, it starts with your man and your relationship. So I don’t mind it as long as the security is there.

I mean, if you liked him then, you know somebody else is gonna like him or think he’s attractive so….yeah.

What’s the most outrageous thing a male groupie or crazy male fan has done to get your attention or show admiration?
Oh God….there’s been so many crazy things. You know, now with the social media, it’s a catch 22 because if you block them, it almost gives them more fuel cause it’s like “hey, she noticed me!”

[I’ve had some] CRAZY Twitter people. Let’s see, one person basically was saying he’d be suicidal if he didn’t meet me. And I mean how do you deal with that? I generally tend to just post and I’m not a big responder on Twitter; just kind of enough for me to do the social media so, that kind of tripped me out.

I also have a lot of people on social media who are in “relationships” [laughs] with me and, I’ll go on my Twitter and they’ll be like “ok baby. I’ll call you.”  I mean there’s a couple of those where literally like everyday they talk to me like we’re actually in a relationship. It’s creepy!

Speaking of avoiding the Twitter crazies, you got your start in the business pre-social media when it was more about sharing your craft & less about sharing your personal life. Do you think social media is more of a positive or a negative?
I’m all for it. I have some friends who are actors who REFUSE to join Twitter or anything and I’m like “Why? You’re acting crazy!”

It’s just a different way to reach people and for people to communicate. I think it’s a great vehicle for that. So, yes, if you use it in the right way, it can be a very positive thing.

“Repentance” hits theaters next Friday, February 28th. Will you be checking out this film?

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