Sanaa Lathan Talks New Movie Repentance And Dealing With Groupies

BOSSIP Exclusive: Sanaa Lathan Talks New Movie “Repentance,” Having Male Groupies & Reacting To Women Thirsting After Her Man

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Your character briefly touches on the subject of men having groupies since your husband in the film is a published author. Do you think groupies are a necessary evil in relationships to let you know that your man has still got it?
I think that as long as you’re secure in yourself and secure in your relationship, it’s a flattering thing.

Obviously, it starts with you. You know, it starts with your man and your relationship. So I don’t mind it as long as the security is there.

I mean, if you liked him then, you know somebody else is gonna like him or think he’s attractive so….yeah.

What’s the most outrageous thing a male groupie or crazy male fan has done to get your attention or show admiration?
Oh God….there’s been so many crazy things. You know, now with the social media, it’s a catch 22 because if you block them, it almost gives them more fuel cause it’s like “hey, she noticed me!”

[I’ve had some] CRAZY Twitter people. Let’s see, one person basically was saying he’d be suicidal if he didn’t meet me. And I mean how do you deal with that? I generally tend to just post and I’m not a big responder on Twitter; just kind of enough for me to do the social media so, that kind of tripped me out.

I also have a lot of people on social media who are in “relationships” [laughs] with me and, I’ll go on my Twitter and they’ll be like “ok baby. I’ll call you.”  I mean there’s a couple of those where literally like everyday they talk to me like we’re actually in a relationship. It’s creepy!

Speaking of avoiding the Twitter crazies, you got your start in the business pre-social media when it was more about sharing your craft & less about sharing your personal life. Do you think social media is more of a positive or a negative?
I’m all for it. I have some friends who are actors who REFUSE to join Twitter or anything and I’m like “Why? You’re acting crazy!”

It’s just a different way to reach people and for people to communicate. I think it’s a great vehicle for that. So, yes, if you use it in the right way, it can be a very positive thing.

“Repentance” hits theaters next Friday, February 28th. Will you be checking out this film?



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