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Woman Finds Video Of Boyfriend Having Sex With Boyfriend

An Englishman faces up to two years in prison for having sex with a dog.

Via Uptown Magazine reports:

Wayne Bryson, of Louth, Lincolnshire, had no explanation for police when arrested, probably because he was embarrassed. You see, police had physical evidence of the pervert engaging in bestiality. After looking through 19-year-old Bryson’s old mobile phone, his girlfriend stumbled across a video of him having sex with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She submitted the phone to authorities.

Bryson pled guilty to a charge of performing an act of sexual penetration with a dog. Upon arrest, he was also found in possession of marijuana. After confessing, Bryson explained to prosecutors it was his first time, with no further details. Bryson is currently out on bond, provided he steer clear of animals. He’s not allowed to be alone with any animal. He will be sentenced on March 5.

Bestiality has quadrupled over the last six years. Most recently, sex offender James Lee Lyons in St. Augustine, Florida was sentenced to eight years in prison in January for sex with dogs. Lyons, 53, was charged twice in 2013 for sexual activity involving an animal and felony cruelty to animals.

Hope he enjoys doggstyle in prison!

Scott Barbour/Getty Images


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