The New Black Kids on the Block: The Next Generation

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

TV One Access is hosting a show highlighting the kids of our next generation. Of course the Simmons kids are featured, along with Magic’s, Quincy Jones’, Diana Ross’, and Master P’s:

On the next “TV One Access,” host Tatyana Ali  and correspondent Quddus reveal the sons and daughters of celebrities who are making a name for themselves in Hollywood. “The Next Generation” is an hour-long special produced by TV One’s monthly entertainment news program, “TV One Access.” The special premieres Sunday, March 15, 2009 on cable’s TV One.‬‪ ‘The Next Generation” which features exclusives interviews with the offspring of Will Smith, Quincy Jones, Rev. Run, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Magic Johnson, Master P, Eazy-E, & Nat King Cole.

If you watch, Run’s House, you can tell that the Rev is raising some good kids so far. We are interested to hear from all of the kids and see where their minds are as well.

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    love me some lil romeo

  • HotSauce



    cant believe im actually first

  • bg™

    Damn Juicy, you wasted your moment in 1st history to say you love lil Romeo….SMH

  • Sickofitt!

    Run has a beautiful family

  • Razzell Dazzell

    Good representation of a strong family foundation, not just for African Americans, but for everyone!

  • PRADA LUVS 50...


  • Wow

    Yaaay! Love Run’s House

  • Dina

    Not sure why people think they are “entitled” to be famous just because their parents were, so no thanks, I’ll just stick to the “real” entertainers.


    isn’t quincy jones’ daughter Kedada? Isn’t she like a hoe or something?

  • Fresh

    I love the Simmons family!

  • ~*~$tar_Cherry~*~

    Really, who cares? They are gonnahave money anyway because of who they’re parents are. Highlight some regular kids tryin to make a name for themselves..egh!

  • lala

    is it just me, or does the youngest boy look like that irrate guy from the first season of G’s to Gents???…Kesan

  • Dr. Heather

    This is a beautiful family….

  • sonof MichaelJackson

    funny. Ask most of these kids what they want to become when they’re older and most of them will say, rapper, singer, basketball player. Yeah. The next generation pretty much looks the present generation.

  • DayShifter


    They only have the status they do because of their parents…

  • Mz. Freeze

    I really like Run’s House, it is a show about family and I love the way that he “runs” his house, he is the head of his family…I love it!

  • Tammy

    You all fought so hard for the little baby.WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!!!!!!

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