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Mary J. Blige and husband Kendu Issacs arrived at the “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” Live Global Broadcast Honoring Everyday Heroes where she performed last night in NYC.

Mary, we know you can’t be that tired from your performance last night, let us know how everything went.

More pics from Mary’s performance right about now…

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  • helltothanaw

    Loves me some Mary J. Get it girl…

  • Sandy

    Love ya MJB!!!

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    There is something about him that just makes me wonder….can’t put my finger on put…it’s there.

  • Liz

    Love Mary but she needs a new look.

    And this may be the first time in a long time that I can actually say that Tyra looks beautiful. Her lacefront is not 100% but it looks better than usual, her dress is gorgeous and her makeup is flawless. Keep it up Tyra.

  • Baby Please

    All three hair is a hot ass mess.


  • Lady Architect

    I’m loving that belt Mary is rockin

  • StilettosnSmiles

    Mary is flawless & phenemonal…I could never & would never say a bad thing about the Queen!!

    You totally Rock Mary & I have love you since 1992!! You go girl!!

  • lacyd

    Dude, Mary and her Kendulicious kind of look a like.

    No wait, I’m sorry…

    HEY MAY-RAY!!!!! I love what you’re doing with your hair!!

  • PaigeyWaigey

    She does look like she needs some sleep….or a damn baby!! C’mon Mary give us a little one already so you can make an album about that…she’s gonna let J.Lo beat her to the punch…well that baby is gonna be on a ugly side, I don’t think J.Lo’s genes are strong enough to overpower Marc Anthony’s…LMAO

  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    J-Lo’s genes are you kidding she had plastic surgery so naturally her & Marc’s kid is gonna be on the ugly side! Folks don’t 4get no matter what U DO TO YOUR FACE Your offspring will tell the TRUTH on you!!

  • Alana

    This is the best I seen Tyra look in a minute. Initially I thought it was Beyonce, but this is Tyra’s signature look and she does it well.

  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    Mary I love you but I don’t trust that husband of yours! He’s always around you creepin in your videos & commercials dang can’t you breath? He seems like an opportunist & stop shouting him out in your acceptance speaches that just gives him more cause to get at your cash when yall divorce!!!

    Also, I heard you on the Ed Lova show yesterday morning & although you were friendly you seemed a bit standoffish what up?

    Also Mary, will you ever go on Ms. Jones morning show?

    Awaiting your reply- Thanks!

  • scorpio

    is it just me, or is tyra’s nipple trying to make an appearance?

  • Cherry


  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    One Mary….Since were all family @ Bosiip I feel comfortable saying that I hate that short bowl looking wig you sporting these days. Who told you that looks good- Kendu?

    I think he’s trying to sabotage you, you do not look happy in those pics- what’s up?

    Love your Family


  • anonymous


    Who does Kendu always look like he aint got enuf sleep? What’s up w/ his dark circles? He’s not the best looking brotha you can find better girl he’s ruining you!

  • Mississippi Girl

    Tyra wants to be Beyonce’s twin sister so bad!! She is looking just like Beyonce in that close up pic of her. She looks really nice.

  • Hazelnut

    Mary looks great! Kendu – not so much….

  • tlatrice

    ok, i don’t like mary’s new cut either. love the color, but not the cut.

  • Mrs

    Tyra looks stunning- Loving Mary

  • awake

    Why is Kendu wearing jeans??????

  • Keeping It Real (D'Original)

    MJB don’t make it rain on them hoes, make it THUNDERSTORM on ’em… AGAIN!!!

    MJB is the best hands down, no doubt & no question…

    She’s the only R&B/Hip-Hop Soul Singer that I can hear sincerely put her emotion in her vocals…

  • CJ

    Kendu still looks like JJ from good times. “Dynomite”

  • Ms. Tres Chic

    Wait I need someone to clarify this…

    Did’nt they say mary was pregnat? or maybe I was dreaming.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I love myself some Mary and I have been a fan from day one. And I have always admired her style from head to toe. however, this mushroom hair aint working for me!

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