Post-Pregnancy Swag

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Melanie Brown Post-pregnancy Swag

Melanie Brown showed up to support fellow Spice Girl Mel C who performed somewhere in LA rockin Eddie’s other ex’s signature bare midriff look.

That tummy is on point, especially after pushing out a baby less than a year ago.

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  • Baby Please

    Wow. Abs are on point. Dayum.

  • StilettosnSmiles

    She looks damn good!! G Mel, Mel!! LOL!!

  • lacyd

    She is really pretty to me, I can’t even hate!!! Don’t know why, but I’m now a fan of Mel C!!

  • Anonymous3

    I’m jealous…

  • Traycee

    Ppl may hate on her, but her body is on point…*whispers* no homo

  • Traycee

    now her hubby? that’s another topic in itself!

  • Jessica

    I feel so fat right now😦

  • I Stay SMH


  • coco

    Dancing with the Stars will get you like that. Nice bod!

  • CubaLinda

    FINALLY, Mel is getting her shine on!! I luv this chic, wild spirit, cute, dresses sessay and all that! I went to see the Spice Girls movie back in the late 90’s and my friends thought I was buggin- until the tour and they saw I was a serious stan!

  • Hazelnut

    Mel B. is far more attractive than Tracey Edmonds in my opinion…..

  • Mrs

    She looks good but then she opens her mouth and it’s like hearing a horse chew

  • Ken

    He looks so great. Seems saw him on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called millionairefriends. com. But don’t know if it is him.

  • yes

    babyface is too damn old for raven

    but anyway i need to talk to mel’s trainer asap

  • Bird

    I sooooo want her body, minus the flat booty. I’ll never have it without a boob job though. Oh well, I’ll settle for the abs. Give me six months.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I’ve always liked her. I’m glad she is getting her shine on!

  • Kim 2.0



  • http://90b00732450570c09fb21b1baab59cff greenivy

    She had work?

  • mydixiewrecked

    damn she looks mad good up close… MILF!






  • Traycee

    I know sweetie! Thanks for showing the love.🙂

  • andputsomeSTANKonit!!!

    Eddie’s ex-wife, Nicole, was a pretty girl when they first married (no homo). Does anyone rememeber the Oprah interview back in the early 90’s when she was on their, though? She sounded like she had Down’s Syndrome, and she just kept repeating in this kinda ‘I just snacked on a bag of Valium voice’ “Eddie is so smart . . . Eddie is soooooo smart.” I knew then that she was just a uterus for his kids . . .

  • Constance


    Yes I remember that she was considered so pretty back then. i think her light skin got her by because she is not that cute, but she has a nice body (no homo).

    Mel looks amazing though. I didn’t know she was that talented until I saw her on dancing with the stars.

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r

    @ Jay:




  • dc

    My mom looked like Mel after having three kids. How? She was a stay at home mom and my dad had her hitting the gym twice a day. That was her JOB-just to go to the gym. PULEEZE dont make it seem like its just a LITTLE ‘diet and exercise’….

    The celebrity women who do this have trainers and chefs and money to suck out what they cant run off. Your everyday momma is struggling to make it to the gym after a hard day at work with her other kids who havent ate and still need to do their homework so she can hopefully squeeze in 30 minutes on the treadmill… I was able to get in phenomenal shape after 1 baby…after 2 more, its just more challenging…period. Much respect to the mommies struggling to have a ‘workout plan’.

    ((climbing down off my soapbox))

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