Secret Ink Pt. 1: The Secret Messages Behind These Celebrity Tattoos

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Secret Messages Behind Tattoos

We all love our tattoos. But sometimes we have no clue what the hell they mean. So we’re all really interested in what they mean on celebrities because we all want to know as much about celebrities as possible, we’re going to dig into the tats and see what they really mean. Take a look…you might learn something.

Justin Bieber – That owl isn’t for OVO. Here’s what he tweeted about its meaning: “OWL symbolizes: Wise, Magestic and Powerful. Best tattoo ever.”

The Rock – His tattoos are Samoan tradition, telling his family’s history.

Lil Wayne – Of all his tattoos, one that stands out is a “C” between his eyes for his mother, Cita.

Rihanna – She has “never a failure, always a lesson” on her collarbone. But it’s in reverse so she can read it in the mirror.

Katy Perry – Her Sanskrit tattoo says “go with the flow.” It matched her husband’s…but they divorced. So…

Miley Cyrus – This is for marriage equality. But it sort of looks like a positive pregnancy test. Funny, because we’re pretty sure her finger’s been peed on, too.

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    Nicki Minaj – Her arm tat apparently says “God Is With Me Always”…but who knows if that’s the truth.

    Angelina Jolie – She used to have Billy Bob’s name tattooed on her arm, but it’s been replaced with the coordinates of where her kids were born.

    Wiz Khalifa – He has an MLK tattoo that says “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

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