Dungeon Dad Pleads “Partly Guilty”

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Remember the nucca who locked his daughter in a dungeon so he could tear her cakes up and impregnate her? Yeah, well, he plead sorta guilty to his charges:

Josef Fritzl, accused of imprisoning his daughter in a cellar for decades and fathering her seven children, pleaded guilty to incest, imprisonment and one charge of assault Monday at the opening of his trial in Austria.

He denied charges of murder and enslavement. When asked to enter a plea on a charge of rape, the 73-year-old replied: “Partly guilty.”

Franz Cutka, a press spokesman for the Landesgericht St. Poelten court, said the “partly guilty” plea might mean that Fritzl contends he is not guilty of all the individual rape charges or that the violence used wasn’t as severe as rape. Cutka was not in court for the plea and does not speak for the defendant.

Fritzl arrived at the courthouse in St. Poelten covering his face with a blue binder to shield himself from reporters, television cameras and photographers and escorted by a phalanx of police officers.

Fritzl faces six charges in a closed-door trial. The trial is scheduled to last five days, but his attorney Rudolph Mayer said it could be shorter.

Fritzl was charged in November with incest and the repeated rape of his daughter, Elisabeth, over a 24-year period.

But he was also charged with the murder of one of the children he fathered with her, an infant who died soon after birth. State Prosecutor Gerhard Sedlacek said Michael Fritzl died from lack of medical care.

In an opening statement, prosecuting attorney Christiane Burkheiser handed damp-smelling items from the cellar where Elisabeth and her children had lived to jurors to give them an idea of the conditions in which they were allegedly locked up.

In all, Fritzl is charged with: murder, involvement in slave trade (slavery), rape, incest, assault an

And he’s “partly going to hell.”  Freak.

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  • twentysomething

    sick man

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    Iwondered what happened to the children and the daughter. I hope they are getting help.

  • Bran Bran

    I want to know what the wife/mother really knew. I mean he’d bring the kids home and say she dropped them off!!? I mean seriously did she think she was missing each of her visits?

  • Ermy Erm is chillaxin to the spring weather in the Chi

    Just UGH x infinity!


    that just shows the nature of the white man

  • mommy08

    What the hell does “nucca” mean.
    It’s sad to come on this site and see racism every time. Way to progress, everybody.

  • BE

    what the hell is “partly guilty”? Either you did it or not…sick bastard..I hope he rots in jail.


  • ClownFace Kim K

    i think im going to puke!

  • http://www.bossip.com MizCatwalk20

    They should bring his behind to a Rikers Island, or some hard core Mexcian or Columbian prison. They would tear him apart in there. No all b.s aside, this is one of the saddest stories that i have heard of. Why would he do something like that? This poor girl is messed up in the head for life. She has to look at all them kids and just think that they werent brought into this world voluntarily, but under the force of the one man whom shouldve been protecting her from ish like this. This is some sick twisted sh!T and in my opinion they ought to do the same to him. No, the death penalty is too easy. They ought to look him jail for life, and just let whomever have their way with him, just like he did with his own damn daughter. Sickening just plain sickening.

  • JUJU

    @ MizCatwalk20…….I CO-SIGN!

  • About it

    Break all of his bones and then feed this sick piece of ish to a crocodile farm.
    This is nauseating

  • jen

    not all white ppl are like that so wats up with the racism..
    and this story also makes me sick..how could someone do that..sicko hope he rots in jail, or worse…

  • miamivision

    Ewwwwwwwwwww. That picture didn’t do justice for the white race or whatever he is.

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