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When white privilege attacks…

Black UCLA Law Students Receive Racist Messages From White Classmates

A professor at UCLA LAW has been stirring up racial controversy over the last year with his antics suggesting that African-American students attending the school as a result of scholarships received to meet affirmative action quotas are no match for white students attending the school on their own merit.

via Above The Law Redline

Imagine going to your student mailbox and getting a note that reads, “Stop being a sensitive n****r.” Now imagine you’re not in Mississippi, or even Arizona, but in sunny, progressive, Southern California.

That is allegedly what happened to one UCLA Law student, but it was just the capstone on a series of racial slights…

Racial tensions at the law school started heating up last semester. Students at the school started wearing “Team Sander” T-shirts in support of a law professor named Richard Sander. Sander’s scholarship is racially charged.

In response to the T-shirts, black students on campus organized an awareness campaign to bring attention to the racial divisiveness on campus. They made a very nice YouTube video expressing their concerns. The students argued that they don’t feel “safe” on the UCLA Law campus.

For reasons passing understanding, the video pissed a lot of people off. Undoubtedly, some, but not all, of the people who didn’t like the video were also in fact racist. That subset of students decided to take things to a whole different level.

Students started ripping down posters and flyers put up by the Black Law Students Association on campus. One black woman complained that a white student stopped her in an elevator and questioned her about her “crime-ridden neighborhood.” The crescendo was the “n-word” note that was left in a student’s campus mailbox last week.

Black students on campus have been annoyed by the slow response of the UCLA administration.

Minority-based scholarships have been around for a long while now, but the debate over whether or not it’s “fair” that minority students have more financial aid options than white students has been heating up as of late.

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