WTF?! Teacher Put On Blast Watching Amputee Freak Flicks When Overhead Projector Posted CPU Screen On Classroom Wall!

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Sir, save your strange sexual proclivities for your bedroom, please.

Teacher Busted Watching Amputee Sex Films During Class

Via NYDailyNews

A Swiss teacher was busted looking at X-rated amputee p**n during class after he accidentally beamed the images onto a blackboard.

The bungling KV Zürich Business School educator reportedly forgot to turn off the overhead projector as he surfed the adult material online.

As his students sat peacefully with their heads buried inside their books, he decided to take a sneak peek at several hardcore movies and pics of nekkid women with amputated limbs.

Unluckily for him, it was also projected onto the wall for all his pupils to see.

One kid took a picture of the incident and uploaded it online — and, unsurprisingly, it soon went viral.

“I am shocked,” school director René Portenier told the newspaper 20 Minutes. “After the lesson the teacher immediately came to see me and admitted he’d watched freak films on a school computer. He was very embarrassed and couldn’t tell me why he did it,” Portenier added. The Local reports that the teacher has temporarily been allowed to continue in his role.

His future will be decided in three weeks’ time, however, after an investigation has been completed.

What is there to investigate?? Either give him the pink slip or let him continue to get his jollies on the school’s dime.

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