The Big Payback: Salty Spray-Painting Hipster Hater Vandalizes The Spike Lee’s Old Crib After Gentrification Rant

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Sticks and stones will break your windows, and hipsters will tag your house

Earlier this week Spike lashed out against the “motherf***ing hipsters” who have gentrified Brooklyn, today, the skinny jean strike back.

Spikes Lee’s Former Brooklyn Home Vandalized After Gentrification Comments

Via NYDailyNews

Gentrification hasn’t taken all of the edge out of Brooklyn.

An angry vandal struck Spike Lee’s former Fort Greene home on Friday, three days after he caused controversy by saying his old neighborhood looked like the “m—–f—–g Westminster dog show.”

An at-large tagger hit the 165 Washington Park family home that Lee referenced during his tirade on the changing demographics of Brooklyn, neighbors said.

The anemic aerosol artist only wrote half of his famous film title “Do The Right Thing” on the side of the stoop.

“I think that Spike needs to stop mentioning the house in his comments,” Lee’s half-brother Arnold, who lives at the home, told the Daily News. “He can say whatever he wants, but don’t mention that.”

Spike’s brother wasn’t the only one who’s home was defaced.

Meanwhile, a neighbor at 164 Washington Park bore the brunt of the angry vandal’s rage.

Dianne Mackenzie woke up to find her front door window broken and full film title scrawled on the front of her brownstone.

“I’m sure its directly connected with the remarks he made,” vandal victim Dionne Mackenzie said Friday. “I was p—–d as hell.”

Spike and his big mouth.

Image via NY1

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