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Case has been gone for about ten years. Dang. But, now he’s nonchalantly talking about shooting himself in the neck and succumbing to some label problems in a new interview:

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? No worries either way, for R&B artist Case. His new disc is titled “The Rose Experience,” and it’s the singer’s foray back onto the charts after an almost eight-year hiatus. The first single, “Lovely,” is moving up the urban charts in anticipation of the album, hitting stores March 24. Case bounded on the scene in the mid-90s. His hit “Touch Me, Tease Me,” featuring Foxy Brown, ruled the clubs and urban radio in 1996.

His sophomore disc, “Personal Conversation” wielded two hits and so did his third offering “Open Letter.” But then, Case dropped off the scene. “It was a lot of stuff that went on,” Case began. “Originally I was going to take time off to spend time with the family; with the kids, and moved down to Atlanta to be closer to them. During that time I had started working on the album, doing little things here and there just trying to put all the pieces together.” “Then, I had an accident in ’02,” he continued, “where I accidentally shot myself in the throat, so that put things on home for a minute.”

“I recorded a couple more songs with them and then we started to have too many problems,” he described. “I saw the writing on the wall, so I decided to leave Def Jam. As you know, that’s not an easy thing to do – all the legal wrangling. But once we got that situation taken care of, I had to figure out what the next move was going to be and I wasn’t sure if that was to go to another major label or go independent. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was going to do.”

Figuring it was the best thing for him at that point in his career, Case decided to go independent. And that transition has taken him about six years. “I have an alter ego, Blaxel Rose – the black Axel Rose [of the rock band Guns-N-Roses,” Case said of the title of the new disc. “He’s a little wilder than I may generally be. I wanted to have a little more fun and make the music sound lighter on this album and that’s more so a reflection on the other side of my personality.”

Hell yeah, shooting yourself in the throat is going to put things on hold. You’re a singer, Case. We’d guess that using your throat area is about 107% of the process.

Peep his new video below…




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