A Lil Positivity: 8-Year-Old Student Helps Less Fortunate Classmates Pay Off Their Lunch Account Balances

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8-Year-Old Pays Off Lunch Balances Of Less Fortunate Classmates

An 8-year-old elementary school student with a big heart made an extraordinary gesture of kindness recently when he summoned his mom to help him raise money for other kids at his school who couldn’t pay their lunch balances.

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An 8-year-old Michigan boy is warming hearts with his act of kindness for fellow students – by paying off their lunch accounts. Cayden Taipalus told WXYZ how he got the idea.

“I was in lunch one day getting lunch. And a kid in front of me didn’t have enough money, and they had to put their tray down. And that made me sad, so I went home and asked my mom, what can I do to help?”

And with his mom’s help, they were able to get a page on a fundraising site called FundRazr. Cayden’s initial goal was to raise enough money to pay off the lunch accounts for as many kids in his elementary school as possible.

As of Sunday morning, Cayden had raised more than $1,600. On top of paying off lunch accounts, Cayden’s mom says her son hopes to put extra money into them.

On Friday, Cayden’s mom told WXYZ that her son has been able to help pay for almost 300 school lunches.

The school’s principal told the outlet that any student who can’t afford their lunch will still get an alternative lunch, but added he’s happy to see one of his students helping out others.

Kudos to this kind-hearted little lad but aside from that…..are these schools really out here letting kids go hungry because their parents can’t pay to feed them school lunch? There HAS to be a better way around that….

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