Hi Hater: According To Rush Limbaugh ’12 Years A Slave’ Only Won Oscar Because Slave Is A “Magic Word”

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F*** this creepy azz cr-…

Rush Limbaugh Thinks 12 Years A Slave Won An Oscar Because It Was A Slavery Movie

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday said that the reason that the film “12 Years A Slave” won best picture was because “it had the magic word in the title: slave.”

On his Monday radio show following Sunday night’s 86th Academy Awards, Limbaugh said that the entire night had been “entirely” political.

“It always is, everything to the left is political,” the host opined. “There was no demonstrable political preaching from anybody.”

He noted that Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres had joked that “you’re all racists” if “12 Years A Slave” did not win best picture.

“All good comedy must be rooted in truth,” Limbaugh quipped. “There’s no way that movie was not going to win! If it was the only thing that movie won, it was going to win best picture. There was no way. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad — I haven’t seen it — it was going to win.”

“It had the magic word in the title: slave.”

Is there a more miserable and bitter anglo-saxon man in the world? Damn…

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