Ho, Sit Down! Child Murderer George Zimmerman’s Shady Lawyer Wants “Stand Your Ground” Law Amended & Says Jordan Davis Killing Was Justified

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Zimmerman Lawyer Mark O’Mara Wants Stand Your Ground Law Amended

The aint-isht lawyer who served as the defense attorney of acquitted child murderer George Zimmerman says he thinks the Stand Your Ground Law that was instrumental in getting his scumbag client acquitted should be amended because he didn’t need it to be proven innocent.

via Chicago Tribune

The lawyer for acquitted killer George Zimmerman said the rules for Florida murder trials should be changed so jurors are only instructed to consider the lenient standards of the state’s “stand your ground” self-defense law when a case merits it.

The controversial “stand your ground” provision makes it easier to use lethal force in self-defense by removing the duty of a shooter to retreat and avoid a confrontation.

Attorney Mark O’Mara said he will send to the Florida Bar this week a proposal to let judges decide when juries should be instructed to consider stand your ground.

“Only include it in those cases where the ‘stand your ground, no duty to retreat’ issue is relevant,” O’Mara told Reuters on Wednesday.

As if this alone wasn’t enough bullsh*t for one thought, O’Mara also went on to say that he believed both George Zimmerman and fellow child murderer Michael Dunn were justified in killing the unarmed teens that they gunned down with or without the law.

O’Mara argued self defense on behalf of his client Zimmerman in the Florida shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2011. Unarmed Florida teen Jordan Davis was killed in 2012 and his killer, Michael Dunn, also claimed self defense.

Jurors in both trials told reporters the instruction on stand your ground affected their work, leading to Zimmerman’s 2013 acquittal in Martin’s murder and a hung jury on February 15 in Dunn’s case.

The stand your ground provision allows people who “reasonably” believe they are in imminent danger of serious bodily injury to use deadly force to defend themselves even if, despite their belief, no real threat exists.

Civil rights groups and a handful of state legislators are urging a legal review of Florida’s self-defense statute, saying it has created a license to kill for gun owners who hate or fear young black men. But gun rights activists, backed by a Republican-controlled legislature, have resisted all efforts to undo the law.

O’Mara said neither Zimmerman nor Dunn needed the help of the stand your ground statute to defend their shootings. O’Mara contends neither man in the final moments before the killings had an ability to retreat – Zimmerman because he was pinned down by Martin during a fight, and Dunn because he erroneously thought he saw Davis holding a shotgun.

Is it not enough that NO justice was served in the case of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis’ killer Michael Dunn avoided the sentence he should’ve gotten? This douchebag needs to have a huge cup of STFU every morning for breakfas for the reset of his life. SMH!

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