NBA Star Targeted in Drive-By Shooting

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Indiana Pacers star, Jamal Tinsley, was capped on last night while leaving a nightclub in Indy. Reports are he and his crew were targeted after flossin’ a ‘Double R’ (Rolls Royce) to the club.

Tinsley’s crew chased the gunmen down and dumped back at their cars. There were no reports of anyone being shot.

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  • Mary J Blige

    What in the world is going on in this country?

  • mzlynbkny

    WTF………….You can’t go nowhere and have fun………That’s messed up………I’m glad no one was hurt!!!!!

  • maurice


  • bobshfdfgs

    I just got this news from his friend who wrote blog on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ‘searching millionaire. com’ Really can’t believe it.

  • Ghost

    Maybe it’s time for the NBA to Pacman Jones Mr. Tinsley and give him a vacation AWAY from the NBA.

    Can we go 1 season without something happening to this guy?

    You take him, Steven Jackson and Artest out and we might have a peaceful NBA season. Some of these guys need to learn once you get paid-LEAVE THE HOOD BEHIND!

    And I think one report was someone was shot at, one of the Pacers trainers or equipment managers. ESPN kept flashing something about it.

  • John

    Help me out here. What the hell is “Flossing in a Rolls mean?? I never heard anything like that. What is that? Come on now, educate a brother!!!

  • Marx

    All that shooting and nobody hit

  • sidelineshow

    Jamal Tinsley and his boys were having a nicca moment. http://WWW.SIDELINESHOW.COM

  • mixed-up

    I live in Nap and he stays in some MESS! Sit Down with yo lil dusty ass!

  • jackie baby

    I agree with swami. We can be our own worst enemies. Anyhow its senseless for someone to be shot for their own possessions. I hope that everyone is okay.

  • Just Saying

    Keep “flossing” in front of your Brothers who don’t have anything, just like in the “hood” they will find a way to take your “sh*t”. It’s like having 5 big macs in front of someone that is starving and has none, and your going “ooh ahh so good”.

  • John

    @Just Saying—— Got it now!!

  • `Da Real

    @ WOW

  • `Da Real

    @ WOW

    They probably sold it to some guys from Jena or something, or maybe Imus.

  • Bronx Brawler

    There are hating a** dudes everywhere, but Nap Town has plenty of hating country dudes. He prob moved a few Bk shooters out there with him. Just get money, enjoy life, and grow old.

  • AND...

    WTF is going on?!?!?!? Are they trying to take out all our men? Does anyone else find this recent celebrity killing strange? And all black folks.

  • Shay

    I live in Indy and these idiots aren’t stick up kids they’re to the point that they hate enough to shoot somebody. A guy got shot a month or so ago because he brought a new Cadillac to the mall and flossed. The shooters had no intention of even stealing the car. Broad day light with witnesses around.

    The Pacers players are retarded. They spend way too much time with negative eliments in the city. I know several Colts players and they aren’t as crazy. They go to the clubs but you never hear about them being involved with anything crazy.

  • memchee

    so tired of hearing about thuggish athlete mess.

  • LaLa

    The person shot was the Pacers Equipment Manager. He got shot in the elbow

  • Unkle Kracka

    @ and…

    Heh, heh you need to stop lookin at jfk. Niggra on niggra killin aint no konspiracy, its just the natchural order of things, sides these were nba an club hoppin niggras. Theys a subspeeshes of the law abidin niggras, you no the good ones, heh, heh

  • Kigali


    “All that shooting and nobody hit”

    aint that a good thing?


    Dayum…So many haters today

  • Narcotics Anonymous

    Like Unk Cracka said:

    “It’s the Natural Order of Things”

    Nothing new about this situation…move on

  • Swami

    Just Saying:

    Rather than trying to steal another person’s “fish,” which only allows you to eat for the moment, if that, why not learn how to fish? If and when you learn how to fish, you can reap the benefits of being fed everyday. What so-called grown ass man is going to lay up and do nothing for himself and just take from or live off of another man? I’d say that’s gay, but gay dudes hustle, so I won’t defame their character.

    It disgusts me when people like you attempt to justify theft and/or violence. You must be one of the have nots, because if you’ve ever had anything stolen from you, you know that it is far from a good feeling. The worst thing is when someone steals from you and you know they don’t have a damn clue about what it is they stole, more or less how to use it, nor will they ever appreciate it.

    The United States needs to start treating thieves like they do in other countries. Flog them, chop their hand off…do whatever you need to do to deter them from taking something that doesn’t belong to them. That will teach them and it will prevent jails from being overcrowded.

  • Unkle Kracka

    @ Swami the towel head

    Heh, heh good ol’ draconianism. I like the way you think hadji. Who says all you jihad holy war sand niggras are bad, personaly i wood like to bring back publik lynchin just to see some of niggra drive by shootas bodys twitch while dangling from a rope, heh, heh

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