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Life goes on for Chrihanna. Sources say Rihanna may even be ready to move on (without Breezy?):

Rihanna is eager to move on with her life, a source close to the singer [said], and she’s not shying away from the public spotlight. “She’s out and about now,” the source [admitted]. “She’s not hiding at this point. She’s trying to get her life back in order.”

Adds the source, “She’s trying to figure it all out. It’s going to be hard.” As evidence of her desire to move forward, the singer – who got back together with boyfriend Chris Brown after he allegedly assaulted her – has been quietly stepping out on both coasts. On Saturday, Rihanna headed to dinner in New York at Da Silvano in the West Village with three people. Over pasta, she “was relaxed,” according to a fellow diner. “She looked fantastic – every bit the superstar. But she did look rather serious.”

While in the Big Apple, Rihanna also went to the Spotted Pig on Friday night. Accompanied by Brandy, the R&B star met up inside with Jay-Z and Beyoncé and “looked happy,” according to a source. Last week, the singer hit the town in Los Angeles, where she celebrated her belated birthday with girlfriends. The following night, she headed to the Geisha House with a group of pals. According to sources, Rihanna “was in very good spirits” during her night out.

Whatever. This is all just code-speak for “RiRi’s laying low until her PR people figure out the next phase of the strategy.”


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  • Lisa Vee


  • http://Bossip AKeys_Stan XOXOXO

    Sorry Boo Me 1st

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  • http://Bossip AKeys_Stan XOXOXO

    Happy ST. Patrick day peeps! everyone is Irish today

  • Ro Ro


  • PRADA LUVS 50...


  • kahmmillion

    This nonsinging broad just needs to crawl under a damn rock and friggin die.

  • JLW

    leave dis child alone go do something wit urselves…

  • Re...Gambit Luva-Luva...

    If this is true, you go Rihanna!

    Take your mountain lion coat with you and shut the door hard!

  • MJ

    Man she ain’t gonna leave him until she is ready

  • Mrs. Rance

    Isn’t this yesterday’s story rehashed? I guess I’ll say again that I’m glad to see her out and about having fun without Chris.

  • HipRockNation » Blog Archive » Rihanna Set to Move On?

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    If we must endure another thread on the bullshi*t, where’s the new picture?

  • beautiful b

    holy hell!! who gives a damn already?

  • Taylor

    Exactly!!!! This is all just code-speak for “RiRi’s laying low until her PR people figure out the next phase of the strategy.”

  • Gloks Sugar Plum

    @ The First Lady

    Did you have somtin to say or did you accidentally hit submit before you posted hun…lol you know her hair look crazy

  • Sharie

    Who freakin cares? She still wack!!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Sharie if she is wack…then what are you???

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    I see a bright future for Rihanna she just needs to leave Chris “beat her” Brown alone…a lot of people don’t like the fact that she may still be with him. It is constantly being talked about in the news papers and people express that she should move on. Even at school they have an article up about Rihanna’s incident on the notice board and it further discuss domestic abuse of women.

  • De'Vincent

    You Better Be Careful HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE!!!

    [Revamp from Dec.1]

    I was talking with a friend yesterday and he and I discussed the value of friendship. Real friends are so, so hard to find these days. The Bible is really fulfililng itself when it said that love of many in the later times would wax cold. We are seeing that now. People can tell you one thing with their mouths but to demonstrate what you speak in action is the challenge that many people face.

    All a man is his word. If you don’t have word, you are absoulely a nobody! Nobody consumes their time continually with liars or people who are fickle with their word. Why is this? They don’t acknowledge or respect the value that God has given you. Many of us are like this. We treat the people in our lives who love us the most with so much disrespect. We distance ourselves from them, shun their phone calls, their friendship, their love, witholding ourselves from them not realizing that God may have put that person in your life for a reason and for a season to take you to the next area in your life.

    God uses people to take you higher. Do you not know that if you walk with God, it is essential to form bonds and relationships with people. Now don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying to form bonds and close friendships with everyone; surely, that is NOT the will of God. However, there are people who have the closer walk with God, the love, the support, the motivation, the push, the inspiration that you may need to be deposited in your life during your life’s most difficult moments. But how can you receive that love, that support, that motivation if you keep rejecting it? God demonstrates His love a lot of times through others.

    BE VERY careful how you treat people. Be careful not take those for granted God has placed in your life for a special time. Be careful not to ignore the ones who are reaching out to love you the most. For the time when you just may need it the most, the season for it may have soon passed away.

    1 Cor 13:4-7: “4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”

    -gregg p.-

  • http://yahoo Bluehights

    @ Proud Jamaican
    Wack is what you are for defending her. What bright future do you see for her?? The kind that has her telling all little girls that it’s okay to let your boyfriend beat them. ReaL BRIGHT!!!! You can’t possibly think her talent is the key to her bright future?

  • wifey06

    so what…

    Live YA LiFE!!!!!

    media know so much about nothing!!!!!!

  • Observer

    Either CB will beat the mess out of her enough times that she finally realizes she’s headed towards a Whitney Houston like career breakdown or she’ll walk in a hurry because she realizes in the end she’s rapidly losing her credibility as a woman and role model. The second option requires emotional maturity. I don’t see it happening. Of course if this whole thing is removed from the tabloids and blogs who knows what will happen. I know I’m sick of reading about it and seeing it on the news.

  • Holla

    Ri Ri

    You are to are too gifted and charmed to be so damn insecure and needy. CHRIS BROWN IS NOT THE ONLY DAMN FISH IN THE SEA! Take some time away from the foolishness and work on your self-esteem.

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