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Posted by Bossip Staff

We here at Bossip are wondering who is really checking for Teairra Mari? She looks rather fly in her promo pics, but one has to wonder if this diva-in-training is on her way out. Time will tell.

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  • leogame3

    Im sooooooooo in there

  • icantstandblaq'sbitchass

    Enough of the promo pics and time for the music to drop.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mwny MWNY

    I don’t know who is checking for her I mean enuf with the pictures. Drop some Music..

  • http://www.twitter.com/mwny MWNY

    She ain’t that well known to just come out with pictures and think that is enuf.

  • http://Bossip AKeys_Stan XOXOXO

    Mya Dating Gucci mane Is gross Just confirms what people have been saying all along about Mya!! SMDH

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….she from the crib….but I ain’t checkin’ for her…

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    WHy is she even up here?

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re...Gambit Luva-Luva...

    She’s cute, but she sure does take a whole lotta pictures…

  • Gloks Sugar Plum

    I mean how many photoshoots is she gonna have befre we hear some music…I feel that she is Keri Hilson-ish…better to look at than to hear…yep thats it

  • Luv-Lee

    I like that single she had back in the day, but i dont know if i would buy a whole album of hers. She should just model fo a living…she probably would make a lot more money.

  • PRADA LUVS 50...


  • http://www.tajwashington.com Taj

    I photographed her a month or so ago, as well. Very beautiful girl…

  • pm

    Keri looks so much better in the Pic… opps Ashanti..I mean Christina Millian.

  • Lady Architect

    She looks very nice…These are some of the most decent photos she has taken recently. I don’t know bout her music…She has a really nice voice but she’s getting no radio play right. LeToya Luckett song just came out and is already getting more radio play than TMarie.


    I’d love to splay dem legs high!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Why is she doing all these photo shoots? Who the hell is she? Has she released music in the past? Did she have a hit? I just don’t get why blogs are covering her without explaining why. The only explanation we ever get is that she did a photo shoot. FOR WHAT?!?!?

  • Bored.

    I actually like her song “built for this”. Plus I’m pretty sick of hearing about Rihanna every damn day. Tiearra just needs better management/ a better pr team. Maybe she should date an NBA player or something

  • Lady J


  • pm

    She need for her boyfriend to beat her.. that will get her press.

  • M. DOT

    Who is she? Seems like more pics of her are coming out ever since Rihanna’s troubles started…hmmmmmm

  • Tayler

    Please, ain’t no one checking for this no-talent chick. She’s a one hit wonder whose 15 minutes went away in 2006. NEXT.

  • http://bossip tiababy09

    She doin all this,and her album ain’t goin be bout SHIT….I thought that was Amerie in that pic b4 i saw HER wack-ass name underneath it..ugh.

  • http://yahoo Bluehights

    Checking for her? Who the hell is she???? I have not a clue who the hell Tiearra Marie??? she is just like any other Wannabe!!! I thought for the longest it was Ameri. Not everyone is meant to be a star…. sorry

  • De'Vincent

    You Better Be Careful HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE!!!

    [Revamp from Dec.1]

    I was talking with a friend yesterday and he and I discussed the value of friendship. Real friends are so, so hard to find these days. The Bible is really fulfililng itself when it said that love of many in the later times would wax cold. We are seeing that now. People can tell you one thing with their mouths but to demonstrate what you speak in action is the challenge that many people face.

    All a man is his word. If you don’t have word, you are absoulely a nobody! Nobody consumes their time continually with liars or people who are fickle with their word. Why is this? They don’t acknowledge or respect the value that God has given you. Many of us are like this. We treat the people in our lives who love us the most with so much disrespect. We distance ourselves from them, shun their phone calls, their friendship, their love, witholding ourselves from them not realizing that God may have put that person in your life for a reason and for a season to take you to the next area in your life.

    God uses people to take you higher. Do you not know that if you walk with God, it is essential to form bonds and relationships with people. Now don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying to form bonds and close friendships with everyone; surely, that is NOT the will of God. However, there are people who have the closer walk with God, the love, the support, the motivation, the push, the inspiration that you may need to be deposited in your life during your life’s most difficult moments. But how can you receive that love, that support, that motivation if you keep rejecting it? God demonstrates His love a lot of times through others.

    BE VERY careful how you treat people. Be careful not take those for granted God has placed in your life for a special time. Be careful not to ignore the ones who are reaching out to love you the most. For the time when you just may need it the most, the season for it may have soon passed away.

    1 Cor 13:4-7: “4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”

    -gregg p.-

  • soulwoman

    She looks cute. I didn’t even recognize who she was at first.

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