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DC Gay Black Church Celebrates 4th Anniversary With Gay Pastor

Via Obnoxious TV reports:

This is the flyer advertising the fourth pastoral anniversary for Pastor Aaron and First Gentleman Job Jones-Wade. The flyer reads as follows: “I’ve got my eye on the goal, Jesus I am off and running where God is beckoning us onward–to And I am not turning back.” Taken from Philippians 3:12. The service will take place March 9, 2014 at 12 noon with guest speaker Rev. Stacey Edwards-Dunn, Ph. D. Of Trinity United of Christ in Chicago, IL. As I have stated many times before; if you agree or not, like it or not black men are rising up all over the country getting married to other men and starting churches. Many of you that claim to be Christians will find this to be a bitter pill to sallow. Many of you know the more popular couple at the Vision Church of Atlanta where the pastor is Bishop O.C. Allen and First Gentleman Rashad. Marriage, family, and even the church is being redefined right before our very eyes. Now my issue is not the obvious, but so many people accept, tolerate, and in even some cases defend other behaviors that are sin.

Additionally, homosexuality seems to make the chief of sinners ready to stand on their soapbox to express their disapproval. Washington, DC is where the Community Church of DC is located and seem to have done well for the past four years. The church seems to be progressive and for the most part they share the core beliefs of most Christians. The nation better get ready because Atlanta, Cincinnati, Washington, DC and the rest of the country because there is no telling who or where will be next.

The church’s belief statement is as follows:

Belief Statements

We believe each person to be on a spiritual journey and at different stages of that journey.

We believe that the persistent search for God produces authentic relationships with God.

We believe in dignity of all persons.

We believe in speaking against systems, structures and nations that are not focused on justice for all of humanity.

We believe in the revolutionary act of Love.

We believe in promoting all forms of education that meets the mandates of society.

We believe in causing social change that promotes peace.

We believe in being socially prophetic and not just progressive and liberal for the sake of political correctness.

We consider ourselves to be a light called by God to shine amidst the spiritual ignorance of our age that perpetuates racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia as well as all isms and phobias that promote hatred, violence, poverty, religious fanaticism and ignorance cloaked in religious dogma.

Many churches have struggled with trying to include all people in a fair and loving way so it’s great to see a church that is all inclusive. Would you attend this church?




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