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Minister’s Daughter Says Marijuana Is A “Gift From God


Aimee Curry recalls sitting on her couch one day, her back contorted, as spasms — remnants of a car accident that almost killed her in 1992 — rippled up and down her back.

A friend who had been visiting that day left, saying she would bring back some medication. “She came back with pot,” said Curry, who says at first she was aghast.

“I was like, ‘I can’t smoke that, my daddy said no,'” said Curry, 39, whose father is an ordained minister. “‘I can’t do that, it’s bad.'”

“But I was in so much pain, and they were promising me, ‘Aimee, this will take the pain away.'”
Curry ignored the preaching voice in her head and tried the marijuana. Soon after she mastered the inhale, she says, her back muscles relaxed. Her pain did not melt away — it still hurt when she finally got up from the couch — but, Curry said, “I didn’t care.”

“It states in the Bible not to abuse a drug, it doesn’t say you can’t use it,” said Curry. “If you ask me, cannabis is a gift from God.”

Amen, sista!

While some in the religious community may take issue with Curry’s interpretation of the Bible, the scientific foundation for cannabis as a medical treatment, especially as it relates to treating pain, is solid.

Pain is the most common condition for which medical cannabis is taken, and one of the few for which there is promising clinical data in humans.

According to doctors who prescribe cannabis for pain, the current wave of U.S. legalization is bringing an unintended side effect: a greatly-reduced need, and in some cases complete cessation, of opioid-based prescription medications.

Dr. Mark Rabe, a Northwestern University School of Medicine-trained physician who treats Curry, said he sees it among his own patients.

“Patients often come into my office and drop down a brown bag full of pill bottles on my desk and say, ‘I’m off Oxycodone; I’m off muscle relaxants. I’m off Ambien; I’m off Trazodone,’ because medical cannabis does the job better,” said Rabe, who runs Centric Wellness in San Diego.

“Time after time these patients tell me that medical cannabis works better than the pills, and with fewer side effects.”

Everyday it seems like we get closer and closer to anti-marijuana laws going up in smoke.

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