Life Changes: Musicians Who Suddenly Decided To Make Super Freaky Music

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Singers Who Suddenly Got Freaky

Remember when your favorite singer was wholesome? Well they all eventually change. Take, for instance, these singers who were clean cut then suddenly decided to let their inner freak out. Here are some singers who said eff it and got freaky with it.

Janet Jackson – She got those new boobs and put us all through puberty in the 90s.

Beyonce – Maybe it was Sasha Fierce or something…but Bey has been all about her freakiness these days.

Nicki Minaj – She was a straight up rapper then she joined Young Money and nothing was the same.

Miley Cyrus – She went from partying in the USA to looking like a walking STD.

Kelly Rowland – She hit us with “Motivation” and it was a wrap.

Mariah Carey – She was known for her happy ballads…but she got some new body additions and started getting carried away.

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    Jennifer Lopez – She just started getting freaky to Future and French Montana songs. Whatever.

    Britney Spears – She was just a Disney kid who got freaky…and sort of crazy.

    Christina Aguilera – Out of nowhere she started rolling around in dirt, though. Literally.

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