Victim Seeking 50 Milli For A Life Ruined

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Posted by Bossip Staff

After that horrific chimp attack last month, the victim, Charla Nash may have suffered brain damage and has lost her nose, lips, eyelids and both of her hands:

The family of a Connecticut woman mauled by a chimpanzee last month has filed preliminary legal papers seeking $50 million in damages against the primate’s owner. Legal papers were filed late Monday in Superior Court in Stamford against Sandra Herold by relatives of Charla Nash. The papers seek an accounting of Herold’s assets and an order that would prevent her from liquidating assets.

The Cleveland Clinic has said 55-year-old Nash lost her hands, nose, lips and eyelids and may be blind and suffering brain damage after the attack on Feb. 16 in Stamford. The 200-pound chimp was shot and killed by police. A message was left with Herold seeking comment. Last month, Stamford police have said they also were looking into the possibility of criminal charges.

A pet owner can be held criminally responsible if he or she knew or should have known that an animal was a danger to others. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said that a defect in Connecticut’s laws allowed Herold to keep the chimp in her home, probably illegally. There are rules requiring large primates to be registered by the state, but officials have some discretion in enforcing them and violations carry only minor penalties, he said.

“This animal probably was illegally kept, so far as that statute is concerned,” Blumenthal said. “Clearly, some kind of permission was necessary for this animal to be at that residence.” Authorities are trying to determine why the chimp, a veteran of TV commercials who could dress himself, drink wine from a glass and use the toilet, suddenly attacked.

These cats are trying to get seriously paid behind this tragedy. 50 Million is a pretty steep fee to pay to a woman who knowingly went to deal with a psychotic chimpanzee, but our heart goes out to her regardless. Yikes.


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  • Yo

    I luv Monkeys… the trip me out!

  • Traylin


  • Traylin


  • c from stl

    I’m sorry, this is off subject….but would someone please tell me what the big deal is about being first to comment on a thread? I seriously want to know….

  • wifey06

    when human beings stop being the reatrs who are on tv and use their brains to think. then maybe there won’t be a bunch of idiots doing stupid stuff like this. Can we blame him nohe is an animal.

    I say they should sue to stop other retards from doing the same thing….

    @c from stl
    People are prsssed to be first so they can have some sense of accomplishing something in this world….

  • anyate74

    I would sue also…Well I would never visit or be friends with someone who has a 200 pound MONKEY as a boyfriend. I would just laugh as I take pictures.

  • This some shhhh...

    I personally believe that woman was having sexual relations with that chimp.

  • c from stl


    OK, I was hoping that there was a deeper reason, but now I just realize that people get a stupid charge out of it. Thanks for the heads up…

  • pm

    That backwater redneck don’t have any money, she be better off sueing the monkey.

  • Dina

    I’m pretty sure this lady doesn’t have that kind of money, but whatever she has, she needs to hand over right now to the victim.

  • bobbi

    @This some shhhh…
    you hit the nail dead on…that bytch was doing that monkey and you could tell from some of the pictures they showed and the way she spoke about him. they even shared a bed. they slept together??? YUK!

  • always knew

    @pm- “That backwater redneck don’t have any money, she be better off sueing the monkey.”

    Fact. True statement.

  • When?

    White people – when will they learn? Those animals don’t love you. They’re just tryin’ to figure out how to survive out here in these unnatural environments. DON’T MISTAKE THEIR TOLERANCE FOR TAMENESS!!

  • MrsT_n_DC

    In addition to being help liable for injuries caused by your pet, check your homeowners insurance policy. Your premiums will be higher depending on the bred of dog that you own. I do feel for the victim, but that woman does no have $50 let alone $50M. For the lawyers out there, from whom would she collect?


    that chick was crazy white people are nuts picture no black woman sleeping with a damm ape oh lord

  • drewzee23

    @ always knew

    Why do humans think that they can ‘domesticate’ an animal? I’m not saying that anyone deserves to be attacked, BUT maybe you shouldn’t hang out with monkeys….

    LMAO…maybe you shouldn’t hang out with monkeys!! nice one

  • Honeybunz

    LMAO at shhh saying that woman was having sexual relations with that reminds me of the Klumps!

  • Sahre

    I agree Gravatar. She most likely was having some sort of extra-curicular fun with her “pet”.

    Her friend was being a GOOD friend trying to help this elderly lady out. If you check out an interview her brother did, you realize what a wonderful humanitarian Charla really is. It was in her heart to help. You can NOT condemn a woman for that.

    Long story short, I think if any one can help her they should. This is a freak occurance, but, so very tragic.

    I just want Charla to recover and get back some semblence of a life with her daughter.

    in regards to the 50 mil, check out how exspensive the medical bills are going to be. These things do pile up. Plus this woman might be the second face transplant to occur in the united states.

    Doing something like that would take a minute, cost a pretty penny and you need super duper professionals to execute the proceedure.

    gee, my day really doesnt seem so bad after all. I thank god for it, actually.

  • MizCatwalk20

    Myabe my last comment was a bit insensitive. I couldnt and i dont want to imagine what this woman is goign through right now. My prayers go out ot her and her family.

  • ME ME ME

    oh man I hope she gets everybit of the money; look how much she’s lost sad story! 😦

  • Angela Lush

    Doesnt anyone notice how her first interview she denied giving travis Xanex tea and now she admitted it after they tested the mug? Also how she hasent made a single comment about her friend in the hospital? I hope they fix that Law out there.

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