Are You Feelin This Get-Up??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ashanti’s little sister Shi Shi was pictured recently wearing an extremely short shirt dress. Damn, that’s a thickums right there. Ashanti needs to help her little sister step her master cleanse/workout game up. That or tell her ass to cover those legs up.

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  • Prince Donte

    Little sister bigger than the big sister

  • Sweetniz

    Waay too short…that’s what Lola Luvs thighs should look like (if her butt was real!)

    NE-way, not a good look, ma!

  • Bunifa

    She about to gradute HO-ology 1on1 and got the gull to look so nasty … big jelly belly and nasty looking thighs I just lost my b/fast~she look like RASPUSHA’ daughter from NORBIT

  • British Black girl

    Pretty girl…but that look does not compliment her at all….you shoule know what works for your body….

  • JerseyBred

    Not good look.

  • karma

    I didn’t know Ashanti’s Sister was a stripper.

    & where is her mother @ she is usually picture everywhere with the girls..

  • Kerry

    OMG! Can she stop playin, and go put some pants/leggings on with that daYUM shirt… For real! Lol…

  • jay

    She needs to ask her sis for a stair-master for christmas.

  • div

    Oh my god Nooo!

  • letsjusteatcheese

    how old is this girl! she looks a mess!

    hahaha @ thickums…

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Nasty, just nasty!! Where are her pants?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Ashanti’s lil sis. *sigh*…The real issue here is NOT her being thick, where I’m from thick gyrls are the shyt and most men would prefer a thicky-thick chick. If you a size 2 or 4 you better be like 5’2 or 5’3 around these parts lol…

    The real issue is….

    Why does Shia think that coochie-cutter dress looks hot in the 1st place…and yes babygyrl does have cellulite. I mean its undeniable…excuse me if I’m wrong but I thought you were supposed to wear something flattering to your body and that shows off your fabulous features. CELLULITE IS NOT FLATTERING….on anyone!!! And its not just a dimple or two either…

    She needs not put that dress on without tights or skinny-jeans…I don’t care if she gets rid of her lady-lumps too the dress by itself looks trashy and besides she is too young to be flossin that grown-ass look.

  • J. Jones

    I bet she beeps when she backs up…

  • Bahama Mama

    Oh MY!

    well we now know that there is a female ompa lompa.

  • celebrity psychic

    No NO NO, take that mess off!!!

    A new spin on celebrity Gossip:

  • Yo again? go thaaaat way

    I dont know what yall are talking about I like my girls with a little weight on em like that she is think in all the right places! and her stomack isnt big so whats the problem

  • BOSS

    “She needs not put that dress on without tights or skinny-jeans…”

  • I Stay SMH

    oh my! when the Disney checks stop coming?

  • Rae the Blogger

    Her Mom must be on Vacation….baby Bananas turned a Freakim Dress into a Steakum dress! Def Not a Good Look!!! Eeewwwwwwww….

  • Crap Talker...

    She’s a pretty girl…but she played herself in that outfit….And why is she standing around in garbage?

  • uncsweetcheeks

    that is a SWEATER, not dress from arden b. i have the exact one. smh

  • TeeDee

    That dress/shirt is waaaaaay too short! Did she lose the lower half of her clothes in a quick game of strip poker? Did she just forget to finish dressing? If she sat down in that thing, I want to see the pictures of what happened next. You know it was up by her ears.

    And what’s up with all that trash on the floor? Why couldn’t she find a cleaner spot to stand? Was there a brawl up in that joint and there’s busted Moet buckets, ice and empty water bottles everywhere and there were no other options? Only questions with this pic. Only questions.

  • Anonymous3

    my only concern is her trying to turn turtleneck sweater into a dress…..she got confused….a size 0 could turn a shirt into a dress…but someone who has some meat on their bones cannot do the same thing….put some jeans on Shi Shi

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Dayum! Her thighs look like cubed steak. Ewwww!!!!!

    * On my way to the gym, right now! *

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