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The Coast Guard has released information that may described the last moments of Corey Smith’s, Marquis Cooper’s and William Bleakley’s lives:

New details are emerging about what happened to four men who capsized off the western coast of Florida last month. The US Coast Guard has released the transcript from the first interview they did with Nick Schuyler shortly after he was rescued.

Ever since the dramatic rescue of boater Nick Schuyler, we’ve heard different stories about what happened among four friends when their boat capsized on February 28th. Family members of the three missing family members presumed dead, Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper and William Bleakley, have struggled to believe some of the details.

Now, the Associated Press obtained this report from the US Coast Guard that details Schuyler’s first interview right after his rescue after spending nearly two days stranded in the Gulf.

The Coast Guard redacted all of the names of the boaters except Schuyler’s. In the report Schuyler told the Coast Guard the boat capsized Saturday at 5:30 after the anchor got stuck. He said all four men grabbed life jackets and were holding onto the boat for four hours. Schuyler said one of his friends then freaked out, took off his life jacket and disappeared. Later that night another boater became unruly, started throwing punches, took off his own life jacket, dove down never to be seen again.

A third man man thought he saw land early Sunday morning and decided to swim for it. Schuyler told investigators that man complained his life jacket was too tight and took it off. While members of the Cooper and Bleakley family have heard some of these details previously, they hadn’t heard anything about punches being thrown among friends holding onto the boat that capsized.

That sounds like straight madness, but since there’s only one survivor, we may never know what really happened. SMH.


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  • anyate74


  • anyate74


  • Lady Law


  • chaka1

    Hypothermia makes people lose their minds. That water was freezing. I feel so bad for them and their families.

  • Fair

    I dont know something is not right about this story. I think something else happened.

  • dahustler84

    damn, @chaka1 is right though. you will lose you mind out there and things happen. May they rest in peace now

  • She 4 real

    So sad..

  • Bae

    Don’t believe it.
    I’m sticking with my theory.
    He killed those guys.
    All of them lost their minds but he’s the only one that “miraculously” remained sane?
    Where’s Maury with that lie detector test when you need it?

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….he did that shit….

  • cassie

    i bet the survivor killed all 3 of them

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    We may never know the truth about what really happen. I do know this: All those men weighed about a ton put together. Why were they in that little boat in the big ocean?

  • Menominee Nation

    its gettin a tad fishy, no pun intended.

  • Mrs. Philly

    Damn, thats a sad way to go out.

  • ???

    Something is just fishy, just doesn’t add up. Why would they start throwing punches. All the guys just took off their life jackets?? these are trained football players who have probably been under other extremes. something just doesn’t feel right inside.

  • Mr. Cool

    I have to questions these men’s judgement. Why would I go into the ocean with a small boat like that with four NFL player?


  • Jet
  • Special Ed.......Dropout

    Why would he kill them?

  • Special Ed.......Dropout

    I have to questions these men’s judgement. Why would I go into the ocean with a small boat like that with four NFL player?
    For the same reason we all make dumb decisions.
    Because we never think it will happen to us.
    And then in hindsight we sit back and say “what the hell was I thinking?

  • wifey06

    the only survivors is a lone white guy…. wewill neva know what happened b/c this is still

    his story!!!

    don’t be so naive!!!

  • Im ME!!!!!


    so everybody freaked out but one dude he was so special he remained calm the whole time…

    PLEASE…tell it to the judge…

  • http://bossip tiababy09

    Another site posted this story (but much fuller details) like 2/3 weeks ago…..YES,YALL LATE LIKE SHIT.

  • educated Black Woman from the Hood

    No one thought to ask why was he on top of the boat and NOT THE OWNER?

  • txgals

    I agree. Something is not right about this story. I heard the survivor changed his story several different times.

  • peaches

    that don’t make no sense.so they all just freaked out and took their life jackets off except him??he just remained calm and sane?that don’t sound right.why would they throw punches?and why would they take off their life jackets because they were “too tight”?him and the wife of one the dead players should be investigated quickly.she was a little too happy about her husband being lost at sea.smh.

  • TiVo

    Goes to show brothas may look tough and be physically tough too but weak mentally.

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