For Discussion: Group Of Black Pastors Say Sentencing More Black Criminals To Death Will Stop Violence In The Community

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Black Pastors:Sentence More Black Criminals To Death

A group of African-America Florida community leaders made up of mostly pastors from the Jacksonville area say increasing the number of black criminals sentenced to death is the only way to stop black-on-black crime.

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There’s a problem in the black community and community leaders say they have had enough. They want to see an end to black-on-black crime and they are calling for harsher penalties.

A number of Jacksonville’s black clergy say if the death penalty is used more often, when it applies, it will send a clear message. “The message is black life does matter,” said Pastor Ken Adkins.

Adkins is an ex-offender and father of 14 and has had it with what he calls the rising number of black-on-black crimes.

“When you don’t value life,” he said, “I personally don’t believe you have the right to live.”

Bishop Terrence Calloway said he has eulogized several young men under 40 and the genocide has to stop.

“I don’t only speak as a pastor,” said Calloway, “I speak as a citizen, I speak as a father.”

Even if their position seems to go against the teaching of forgiveness, their position is full of mercy.

“The death penalty is warranted for those who have no regard for human life,” said Calloway.

Pastor Adkins said during the 500 days between the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmermann, there were 11,000 incidents of black-on-black crimes nationwide.  The pastors said the numbers are unacceptable.

The pastors hope their tough stand will lead to a change in how the black community views black-on-black crimes.

Do you agree that more death penalties for black criminals will help alleviate the violence in the black community? Let’s discuss.

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