Amber Rose Allegedly Taking “Sisterly Love” To a Whole New Level

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Since Kanye sent Q-Ball home she has been flashing all the high priced items he bought her…with what some are speculating is her sister.

Pop the hood for the questionable pics. This better not be her damn sister.

You be the judge…

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  • Mrs. Philly

    Keep the shades on Amber Rose

  • Yo!

    sister gotta fat ass..

  • coco

    There you go Kanye……..real class. You left your fiance for this.

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    WTF i say???!!!!

    PRETTY WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    did i not???

    oh yeah>>>>>>>> 2ND

  • coco

    Is that an air conditioning unit in one of the windows?

  • Mrs. Philly

    That other chick she with gotta mangina!

  • Poca

    HUH? WOW!

  • Yo!

    No, not a “mangina” She just got a fat cooter.

  • U Stupid

    from a male perspective…. i’m likin’ these pics, dayumn!

  • pm

    sis got a whooty too..

  • http://bossip tiababy09


  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    @ u stupid

    i likey as well 🙂

  • KC

    Me like….this is kind of hot.

  • http://Bossip AKeys_Stan XOXOXO

    Amber Rose Swagger on 100 trillion

  • pm

    @yo. nothin wrong with a meaty cooter

  • sean

    I can’t believe Kanye slags of his ex on his album that she won’t find anyone better than him….then he out and about with this! His poor mother!

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    let me be clear..

    AMBER WAS AN ESCORT for the Paris holiday.


  • BE

    WOW!! that is some serious love they giving each other

  • Razzell Dazzell

    This is too much! What is Kanye and this trying to prove, it’s classless! She could do so much more without trying to be so risque…this is NOT a lady…Kanye, you promised you true love’s father you would marry her…I think you need to get back to basics, this isn’t a good look!

  • Yo!

    @ pm. Oh I knooow =D

  • pm


  • Thetruthhurts

    Dayum..looking like they are in a trailer…whats up with the background?

  • Moreaces

    I still think Amber is hot, the pictures are not the classiest, but she is still fine.

  • http://bossip MY BAAD


  • http://bossip MY BAAD


    thank goodness they do steal or i wont be up on nothin til after 5.. WTH??!! lol

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