Eddy Curry In Court for Custody of Son That Survived Murders

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Eddie Curry is going back to court for custody of his son. The little boy witnessed the death of his mother and sister a few months back:

A Cook County judge told an attorney for former Chicago Bulls player Eddy Curry that the NBA player should appear next week at a hearing on custody of his son, who survived the January slaying of the boy’s mother and 10-month-old sister. Noah Henry was found bloodied but unharmed in the South Loop home in which his mother, Nova Henry, 24, and sister, Ava Curry-Henry, 10 months, who was Curry’s daughter, were slain Jan. 24. In a hearing today, Circuit Court Judge Thomas Kelly told Eddy Curry’s attorney, Kelly Saindon, that Curry should appear next Thursday for a hearing over whether he should be granted custody of his son.
Fredrick Goings, 36, of Chicago, an attorney and former boyfriend of Nova Henry, has been charged in the slayings. The boy is currently in the custody of his maternal grandmother Yolan Henry. In a hearing today at Cook County Domestic Relations Court, 50 W. Washington St., Yolan Henry’s attorney, Michael Kalcheim, told the judge that Noah’s maternal grandmother should be granted custody of the boy until the NBA season is over. Lester Barclay, an attorney appointed by the court to represent Noah’s interests, said he had concerns over whether the boy’s grandmother is truly the one caring for him during the day, and over the possibility the boy may have some developmental delays.
An agreement in place before Nova Henry’s death provided that Eddy Curry would gain custody of their children in the event of her death.

This is getting kind of crazy now. Grab the boy and place him in a stable environment so he can start healing. Poor kid.


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  • MeSexyMe

    This is so sad. That poor child. I hope they get a good psychotherapist for him.

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    sometimes theres just nothing you can say but RIP…daym

  • Special K

    The only solace in this is that the little boy is just a baby and he won’t have to deal with any visual memories.

  • 2Much4U

    this is tragic. the poor little babies. and the mother was so beautiful. this is truly heinous

  • http://www.bossip.com shaz

    well that was always my question. were both kids his, or just the little babies. but i guess since he wants custody that one was his too. but this story is kinda off, cuz i swear curry is married, with about 3 kids with that woman. so how this chi-town chick got a 10 month old, but i guess i know the answer.. cheating.

  • Richard

    Everybody was living off that child support. Now they want the boy. Why would the remaining parent have to sue for custody.

    Only if you are a man.


    omg thats so sad



    the good die young

  • miamivision

    RIP to them. SMH

    Handle your business as father, Eddy. Don’t f**k up anymore, ya heard?


    It’s sad because I’m sure that the mother wants a part of her daughter but they are gonna give custody to the father. Cause that’s how the court is. If the mother dies then the father gets the child…if he goes to court for them.

  • shavondenise

    Nuts. Godbless the family and godbless Eddy for trying to be a single father IN the NBA! I do that grandma should at least keep his son until his season is over, that makes since.

  • shoneydip

    they need 2 give dat man his child b/c it is his child. like someone said b4 only if ur a man would u have 2 sue 4 custody of ur own child and dis statement is so true.

  • Ms. Jackson

    In all this madness,everyone needs to remember what is in the best interest of the child? From what I gather, he lived with his mother, while Curry is off in the NBA with his wife and other kids. I’m sure he identifies with his grandmother, much more than Curry’s wife. This kid has been through enough, it’s not right to to pull him out the home of the next closest thing he has to a mom, maybe over time Eddy could gain full custody, but right now I think it would just be more traumatic.

  • Honeybunz

    He should be with his father,its the only parent the child has left…the grandmother should have visitation rights tho….sad,sad story

  • meme

    was the mother some jump off or something?? i thought he was married, with three kids?

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    Sad. Poor kid.

  • JC o' B'klyn

    That mother looks good.

  • thepromised1

    People kill me acting like the know all the details of the mother’s relationship with Curry, apparently she thought enough of him to agree that he gets his children in the event of her death. NO friggin grandparents should have rights to someone else’s kids… I don’t give a damn if the kid slept with her every night. That doesn’t give anyone the right to strip the father of his rights. He didn’t have to show up for the damn hearing he sent an officer of the court. SMH people always suggest dumb ish with no facts… his wife could have the capacity to love that child and who are we to she wouldn’t? Who knows what the F*ck is going on in these peoples homes and lives. I know this, that father deserves to have his child the same way a woman would… NOT the gotdamned grandparents. Friggin doublestandard bull ish… (mumbling incoherent swears)

  • http://bossip drkchlatee


  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™

    I’m with Ms. Jackson on this one–

    As much as I like to see men have custody of their children, he may just be better off with his gandmother.

    How do we know that the wife would accept him and treat him as she does her own???

    I don’t know y’all!

    Y’all know a woman or two that doesn’t easily accept another man’s seed–especially surrounding the curcumstances of this little boy’s creation.

    Shit–my grandmother raised me and if all reports are true (of my biological father) then I’m DAMN sure glad she did.

    Just my thoughts.

  • http://darkandlovely pride

    Give the man his son. Who better could raise him other then a good father. If the man wants his child give it to him damn we have enough of dead beat dead already.

  • http://darkandlovely pride

    Oops my bag Dead beat dad’s in our world today give the man his son

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™

    Not to speak ill of the man at a time like this but–

    Isn’t this little one a product of an illicit affair?

    Now, we all are honestly feeling for this little one (my heart goes out to him) yet at the same time, if the Curry’s can provide a stable environment for the young boy then I’m all for it.

    When I think of the position the wife was put in–

    1. To learn of an affair.

    2. To learn there was a child as a result. and

    3. To possibly have to raise that child—every day as a reminder of the infidelity.

    Please don’t get me wrong!!!! I’m not saying it can’t be done–I’ve actually SEEN it done and still is–every time I talk to my sister!!!

    I just know it’ll take an exraordinary woman to do so.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™


  • Big C Here

    It amazes me how some woman will quickly label a man a ‘deadbeat dad’ but here is a man that wants to take responsibility and now you hear all these ‘excuses’ why he shouldn’t get HIS son…SSMDH

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