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Here are some shots of Beyonce and Jay-Z leaving their hotel and heading to the airport in Paris.

SMH at Camel still rockin a doo rag.

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  • dayg715

    first!!!! i see she’s being photographed a lot more with camel. damn, rihanna got her shook like that? LMAO

  • Mahogany

    lmao @ Bey giving the finger…


  • Bones Jordan

    This ain’t news y’all. But then again, the headline is for the Stans. So……..

  • dayg715

    damn, not first!!! lol oh well….

  • saucy

    i thought doo-doo rags were old news…guess not

  • anonymous

    well, she doesn’t have anything else better to do than to hang out with camel alot more

  • anonymous

    well, jay-z is old, so it makes sense he would wear something old school…

  • I Stay SMH



    ys this news so boring?

    i feel like a game

  • I Stay SMH

    celebrity holiday scenarios…


  • Soul Cry

    Like both of their jackets and that purse.

  • Mrs

    He looks too old to be dressed like that his ugliness is spilling out of that scully and sun glasses Bey diet time again, gurl catch a tan you glowing your so pale and the shoes are a no no.


  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    Why Beyonce jeans look high water?

  • isabella

    could ya please stop with the beyonce post and give us more rihanna news. Rihanna is more interesting right now

  • Redbone fire

    Damn Beyonce skin is so light and beautiful got to love light skin women we are the best beyonce a bad redboneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs

    Wait wait I have just noticed something her arse is completely flat- I didn’t believe the arse pads but someone explain that????? don’t say even her arse was fake tut oh dear

  • Sun Goddess

    Beyonce’s smile looks like she has Jigga whipped. Ha ha. You go girl. Get it.

    And she looks better in these boots than Jada did the other day.

  • Mrs

    You stand alone and I’m light but that attitude will get you she NEEEEEDS a tan- white get tans she needs one

  • Sun Goddess

    Baby and Lil wayne put the star on top of the christmas Tree…NO HOMO!

  • Sun Goddess

    The Scientology and Swingers Christmas party starring Will and Jada Pinkett Smith! Special guest: David and robotic wife Posh Beckham!

  • FiyahCrotch

    I like her shoes, dont care about JayZ at all, don’t care that they are leaving Paris.

    ^^ At Redbone if being lighskin is the highlight of your life then I think you should go ahead and committ suicide since your world is so empty. Lightskin is not anymore beautiful than cinnamon, mocha or dark chocolate skin and this is from one redbone to another, Real Talk.

  • Bird

    I wonder if they made the concious decision to where black.

  • Soul Cry

    In unrelated news…Michael Vick gets sentenced to 23 months!

  • Mocha Thick

    I knew Bee had a flat butt. That’s why she tries to accentuate her hips.

    Jay is ugly. What else can I say?

  • Anonymous3

    I agree…the “out and about” photos are boring as he*$….I mean it’s the same thing….Camel out in front and Spicy Creole walking 10 paces behind coming from a restaurant or some boutique…this is not news worthy!!!!! I must say though I really like her with the dark hair….

  • Soul Cry


    Tell her!…from a dark sista to a fellow sista, all shades unite!

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