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Cover Girl Queen Volume Mascara

Finally it has arrived. After spending so much money trying to find the right mascara, Cover Girl has come to the rescue. Their Volume Mascara is a new item from the Cover Girl Queen Collection. This mascara does what it says, and takes your lashes from thin to lusciously thick. The lash brush defines and does not leave clumps of mascara on the lashes. Every girl wants thicker, fuller, more alluring eyelashes, and this product provides that and more.

Cover Girl Queen Natural Hue Compact Foundation

Foundation is probably one of the most difficult makeup products for women to find. Many foundations on the market rub off, are greasy, heavy, and cause facial breakouts. Well believe it or not a new foundation from Cover Girl makes looking for that perfect foundation match a breeze. The Cover Girl Queen Collection has created a foundation that is non-greasy, lightweight, and does not rub off. The Natural Hue Compact Foundation moisturizes the skin, and makes your face feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Another great quality about this product is that because it was created for women of color, there are even more shades to choose from to find your perfect match.

Cover Girl Queen Lip Gloss (Copper Bliss)

Metallics are all the rage this season and can be found in everything from shoes to clothing. Now thanks to Cover Girl they have added metallics to their lip glosses. Copper Bliss is a new lip-gloss from the Cover Girl Queen Collection that adds a pop of metallic color and shin to your lips. This lip-gloss goes on smoothly and does not leave your lips feeling chapped or dried out. Also as an added bonus, Copper Bliss smells very similar to cocoa and chocolate. This gloss makes for a deliciously sweet treat for your lip.

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  • I Stay SMH

    LMAO no they not

  • adsa

    My bad…….

    Me so Sowwy….

  • mo'ree

    this is funny i almost read it!

  • Beauty 365 Blog

    what the heck?

  • lacyd (I like Chicken)



    Isn’t it obvious? Covergirl surely did give them a check, LOL.

  • lacyd (I like Chicken)

    Wait, why does the spammer’s web site change everytime? You need to be consistant jib jub.

  • Bree

    Yeah I knew yall had to be getting paid! But to the prson who said they selling out…whatever! You would do it to! Who wouldn’t want to get paid? Loser…

  • Swami

    And a special thank you to New York and Sister Patterson for their review of Cover Girl Cosmetics.

    We know that if anyone knows how to slather product on, it’s you two trannies.

  • justmoi

    What was the purpose of this blog….?

  • NubianGoddez

    @lacyd (I like Chicken)


    my sentiments exactly. I thought I was in a parallel universe there for a min.

  • wonkwonk

    dis some mess right here. come again!

  • Edo

    tall know this makeup is cheap as he’ll. Stop themadness

  • come on people

    don’t step away from the sponsors…put them in the pop section…get paid stop the free advertising…say no to product freebies…covergirl is some of the cheapest make-up on the market

  • BubbaGoosie

    Nah dawg that mascara really is good hehe foreal

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  • Vobeaccence

    Make love, not war!

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