Octomom Returns Home With 2 From Her Litter

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Posted by Bossip Staff

For those of you who even give a f*k about this simple broad, we got a video of Octomom getting back home and sh*t after the jump:

Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman’s newfound celebrity reached a fever pitch as she brought home the first two of her eight babies. Scores of photographers, reporters and gawkers who had staked out her new house for hours clung to her vehicle as she arrived home late Tuesday in a homecoming reminiscent of the scenes that have surrounded Hollywood’s infamous celebutantes.

Suleman was sitting with her babies in the back seat of the SUV as it went straight into the garage of her new four-bedroom, three-bath home in La Habra, about 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles, where she will raise her 14 children. The media mob shoved and pushed, with some grabbing and riding the vehicle until the garage door closed despite being dented and nearly pulled off its tracks.

Video posted on Radaronline.com, where Suleman has been publishing a video diary, showed the SUV pulling into the garage from the inside, and screams can be heard for the photographers to get out. Laughter was audible from inside the vehicle after the garage door closed. Suleman said on the video that she called police when she was driven into the garage.

“This was beyond anything I expected, they were completely swarming the car,” she said of the paparazzi. “I was really, really worried about the safety of everybody.”

Two caretakers in scrubs could be seen helping Suleman take the babies into the house after she showed them off to the camera, and Suleman’s older children were shown kneeling and fawning over their baby brothers.

It is beyond us how this crazy ho garners so much attention. SMH.

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  • sho nuff is back

    1st who cares


    The neighbors are gonna kick her out.


  • so bored

    3rd wth

  • Moreaces

    I sooo do not envy this woman. Her neighbors will hate her

  • Tealeaf

    Those babies don’t need to be with Octocrazy too long..They need new homes

  • Sawyer

    ( ( ( NEXT ) ) )

  • The Beaten Horse

    Can’t wait to see how life for them is in 5 years.

  • Frog-a-licious

    Those poor children!

  • missfinest1

    @tasty t

    I co-sign

  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    Who would want to live like that?

  • vDawg

    Im appalled! Its disgusting. These American gawkers are humiliating inhumane and completely out of line. I do not understand why there hasn’t been some law that stops them from behaving this way. Its so frightening and unjust. AND COMPLETELY EMBARRASSING BEHAVIOR, she is just a human for Christ sake. Leave her alone. So she had 8 babies and doesnt have a job SO THE FFF WHAT! look at the rest of the world already, all the BABBY DADDIES AND MOMS that have jobs and are using our system on WELFARE! and the baby daddy and moms that DONT PAY CHILD SUPPORT BUT HAVE MONEY TO PAY THEIR CELL PHONE BILL OR PAY THEIR TAB AT THE LOCAL BAR! at least she LOVES her children and WANTS THEM! look at your own damm lives instead of judging others! SICK this WORLD is seriously TWISTED!

  • http://bossip tiababy09

    those little babies deserve better….they are so cute i could just eat them up.

  • The Beaten Horse


    If she would shut up and stop putting her business in the street then people would leave her alone.
    But she is making money selling her story and exploiting her children. Her choice.

    I think people that are responding negatively toward her are well aware of the money, sacrifice and time it takes to raise at least one quality child much less 14. Also, are sick and tired of seeing people making irresponsible decisions that the rest of society has to pay for….and I don’t just mean money.

  • TheGoodGood

    white people’s news… who cares!
    white people’s news… who cares!
    white people’s news… who cares!
    white people’s news… who cares!
    white people’s news… who cares!

  • real ness

    can you imagine if a black woman did this?

    every damn racial stereotype about having a bunch of kids….with no daddy….on welfare, would boil over.

  • IsItFriday?

    Where’s Kigali? talking bout black women this black women that I want her to address this here issue. I know some sistsa got kids but 14?!! Even Neffe aint got this many….

  • Bored @ Work

    That broad is nuts, but her babies are adorable!

  • HoneyBrown

    @ The Beaten Horse: very well said!
    @ Real Ness: Exactly!!! If she was a sista this would be even more of a giant mess!

    This was that crazy chick’s choice to have all of these kids so it should be her responsibility to care for them, not ours! Stop treating her like a celebrity!


    O.k. I understand your concern about AIG. As taxpayers we all should be concerned but that is not the topic of this post. Just like AIG is America’s problem so is the octodummy. Who’s to say that another women will not do the same thing so she can get support.

    Also why your taking up for the Octo-need-her-tubes-tied where were you 2 defend Neffe. I am so sick and tried of the American Double standards. Everyday you get on this site & see sistas talked about like dogs (Kaliga). Oh they are on welfare, lazy,stupid etc. but this lady does the exact same thing (but worst) and its lets sweep it under the rug. This plain and simple is child abuse. I hope her kids go to a better home and she goes to jail.
    I feel the same treatment should be giving for all man kind.

  • Naija Gal

    @ Tasty T:
    I would have to agree.

    Anywho, all that attention. Absolutely craziness. That would drive me insane.

  • hope4more

    Nobody has say a thing about the state of California going after her to collect money given to her for her children that she admits she used for plastic surgery.

  • Menominee Nation

    coffee can dug-out.

  • Poor Babies

    I’m not saying a person shouldn’t have as many kids as they want, but maybe she needed to look at the fact that she already have 6 kids, no job, living with mom and dad. Kids are not cheap, time are hard today. I have one son, I’m married I work (make around $60,000.00 a year), my husband works (makes around $45,000.00 a year) we live in a two bedroom apartment, an I still can’t make ends meet. I’m not saying she should have her babies, it’s just sometimes you have to think things through before you act on them. The bad thing is WE (the tax payers) have to support her and the 14 kids. All this free stuff and assistance she is getting is from US (the tax payers). No the children did not ask to be here, but they are here and they should get the best the world has to offer (just like we want for our kids) it’s just sad she gets to benefit from it.

  • About it

    I feel you on AIG, totally. I wrote my senators, congresswoman and will attend the rally (when they schedule it) against AIG,



  • knottmyhair

    that chic has sum big hands and it’s a good thing…she’s gonna need’em….and 8 more!

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