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He needs more people.

Teacher Denies Saying Racist Anti-Obama Remark

He should have known better and watched what he said…now his job is on the line. SMH.

According to Raw Story:

An Ohio teacher tried to clarify remarks Thursday that he made to a student about his presidential aspirations as he fights to retain his job.

Gil Voigt, a science teacher at Fairfield Freshman High School, flatly denied telling a student in December that “the country doesn’t need another black president,” as the teen had claimed.

“Absolutely not,” Voigt told WLWT-TV. “I said, as the individuals were leaving the class, and I heard one of the individuals talk about wanting to be president, I said, ‘Let’s hope we don’t need another president like Obama, whether he’s black or white. We need somebody in the White House who can lead us in a different direction.’”

“It was after school,” he said. “It was unstructured. It’s after the school day. It’s nothing more than if I was walking down the hall with somebody and we were talking about a certain issue.”

Voigt said he doesn’t know why the student would accuse him of making a racist statement, although he admits he was reprimanded in 2008 for an “inappropriate racial comment” he made to a student who was sleeping in class.

“I didn’t attack anybody individually,” he said. “It was an opinionated statement. I didn’t make any racial jokes. I didn’t curse. I’m fighting for clearance of my name.”

This guy was already reprimanded for racist remarks before. Why should we believe he was misquoted this time around?



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