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The next time you’re in a traffic jam, buy a lottery ticket so you can be ballin’ too.

Man Wins $5 Million After Buying Lottery Ticket To Pass The Time

Most people would be glad to win $1 million…and this guy walked away with 5.

According to AOL:

Everyone hates traffic jams, but last December, one man hated them so much he made a spur-of-the-moment decision to buy some lottery tickets to pass the time until traffic was clear.

One of those tickets ended up being a winner, and now Thomas Mainella will be adding an extra $5 million to his bank account. He and his fiancée sat down with “Fox & Friends” to talk about the moment he won.

‘I scratched that and it said ‘life’ and I just went ‘I’m a freaking winner!’ It’s like ‘yay, yay, I’m a winner!’ And the people in the store are like ‘what? What?’ And I go ‘I freaking won!”

‘I’ve always told people I’m going to win big on this game. They all thought I was crazy.’

Mainella’s life is really going to change, as he has decided to accept his winnings in annual payments of $172,000. He told “Fox & Friends” he plans to use the money to pay off some debt and to give Donna’s daughter a much grander wedding than was planned.

Some people have all the luck! Must be nice.




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