Mona Scott-Young Finally Speaks On $50 Million Love & Hip Hop Lawsuit Accusing Her Of Stealing Entire Show Idea

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Mona says: “You haven’t really made it until somebody sues you…”

Mona Scott-Young Speaks On $50 Million Love & Hip Hop Lawsuit

Veteran industry business woman and “Love & Hip Hop” head honcho Mona-Scott Young is speaking out to address the pending multi-million dollar lawsuit in which she is being accused of stealing the entire idea for the show, right down to the cast, from another entertainment company who recently went public with official documentation as alleged “proof.”

She had this to say during a recent visit to MTV Rap Fix Live:

Well, the one thing I will say is, I read it on the blogs just like everyone else did. So it seems like the only people they’ve served are TMZ and Bossip. I haven’t been served anything.

I have to assume there is some basis to it because these are all very legal looking documents.

So many times there are paralleled shows being developed within a network and then…may the best cast prevail. But the thing is, it’s a reality show. I didn’t create these people because I didn’t give birth to them. All I did was shine a camera on a segment of the population that I knew well; I have 20+ years in hip hop.

And listen the show has been on for 6 years and I just have to wonder did you just wake up one morning and say ‘Hey, I just remembered, I did that show and she stole it from me’.

Despite the lawsuits’ bombshell claims, Mona seemes to have no worries that things will work out in the end once the full story comes out and admitted to being “frustrated” that she can’t discuss the lawsuit in more detail presently as it is still underway.

The beauty about the United States of America, the country we live in, is that anyone can sue for anything and from what I’ve heard you haven’t made it until somebody sued you, so I guess I made it [laughs].

Social media…they love you, but when they hate you, they hate you [laughs]! The same people saying “I love ‘Love & Hip Hop'” are the same ones saying ‘I hate you, I hope you get yours!”

I’m not at liberty to speak about it but, what I will say is that I just wanted everybody to use some common sense when processing the information.   The truth will prevail that’s all I have to say.

Sounds like Ms. Mona is in for a fight that she’s confident she can win. Guess only time….and court….will tell.

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