30 Men Who Cheated On Their Wives

Dirty Dog Book: 30 Men Who Cheated On Their Wives

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30 Men Who Cheated On Their Wives

We here at Bossip have been keeping a tab on cheating men with Dirty Dog Diaries, but did you know just how many men have cheated on their wives? We decided to grab a list of 30 cheating men and the wives they cheated on.

Take a look and try not to lose faith in it all.

Kobe Bryant – He cheated on Vanessa and damn near went to jail for it.

Magic Johnson – He cheated so much that he contracted HIV and had to retire but lived to tell the tale.

Robin Thicke – He let all kinds of Beckies rub up on him to the point that she wasn’t having it anymore.

Mike Nilon – This fool had the nerve to cheat on Garcelle?!?!? For shame!

Bill Clinton – He’s the most famous cheater of all time, getting domed up in the oval office.


WENN Michael Juanita Jordan

Michael Jordan – He cheated on Juanita and she messed around and took half. Damn.


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    Tiger Woods – He cheated on Elin so bad that she had to whoop his a$$ for it.

    Eric Benet – He cheated on Halle Berry and tried to claim an addiction. Right.



    Shaquille O’Neal – According to Kobe, Shaq was dirty dogging during his marriage.



    Dwyane Wade – According to Shaq, HE allegedly cheated on his wife with Lauren London.

    Ashton Kutcher – He got caught in a hot tub with some random slores and his marriage was over.



    Brad Pitt – He cheated on Jennifer Aniston and left that a$$ for Angelina Jolie.

    Peter Gunz – He was married to his side chick and cheated on her with his main woman. Got it? Good.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger – He cheated on his wife with the freaking help!

    Raymond Felton – He cheated on his wife then messed around and put a gun in her face. Not good business.

    Tony Parker – He cheated on Eva Longoria…with his teammate’s wife no less.


    Antwaun Cook – He cheated on his wife with Fantasia in the ultimate come up.

    Ghostface – Couple’s Therapy has put his cheating on blast for real.

    Arian Foster – He got a woman pregnant on the side and tried to get her to abort…didn’t quite work.

    Lamar Odom – He kicked a crack-y freestyle about his dirty dogging on Khloe like it was nothing.

    Matthew Knowles – He broke up the royal family by getting a chick pregnant on the side.

    Anthony Weiner – He cheated on his wife via Twitter and she stayed with him. For awhile anyway.

    Tiki Barber – He left his PREGNANT wife for this Becky.

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    Pepe meets @cvillaloboss 🇨🇴

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    Chad OchoCinco – His cheating ruined his marriage and his career. Tough break. She wasn’t even fine either.

    Swizz Beatz – He definitely cheated on Mashonda with Alicia Keys.

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    Kirk Frost – This Love And Hip-Hop couple hit a rough patch when he decided to get in a hot tub and creeped with a handful of groupies while she was pregnant no less.

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