Meagan Good Claims Soulja Boy Needs to Come Out of the Closet?!?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Apparently, Meagan Good and Soulja Boy were once….an item? But, things must have gone sour with the thirteen year old because in a recent tweet, Meagan alludes that the prepubescent punk “doesn’t like chicks”…


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  • Re...Gambit Luva-Luva...™

    Meagan looks good here!

    Lol, no pun intended.

  • Wouldn't you like to know


  • major


  • Re...Gambit Luva-Luva...™

    Okay, pun intended.

  • Invisible

    How mature.

  • Sharon

    honestly i think omarion, chris stokes raz-b, little moody “ms. thang” bow wow are all “the children”. just give it time, they will join the elite ranks of “madonna, queen latifia, eric benet, janet jackson, shelmar moore, wentworth miller, mc lyte, jodie foster, chance crawford.

    girls come on aboard

  • Sharon

    oh i forgot the “queen” herself marques houston.

  • Mrs. Philly

    He’s 13??


  • SG

    First !

  • Octavia

    Huh? This is so random…. in so many ways.

  • The Third Eye

    I wouldn’t be surprised he sounds gay. He drag out his words so slow when he talks.

  • told you so

    wait. how old is she?

  • Michelle

    @ the third eye

    That’s how people from ATL talk. And gay people don’t drag out their words, LOL.

  • karolina_jubilee

    wtf, how u “sound gay”? lame! who cares, he’s doin him and is waaay more relevant than she (i hate 2 say, but true).

  • ms meca ((sneaker pimp))

    waiit.. i thought her and that football player was still together?

  • ms meca ((sneaker pimp))

    soulja boy aitn from atl i thought he was from chicago and now lives in atl .. but i could be wrong!

  • lace

    almost every dude from the ATL is Gay or on the down low. Thats the CFC (Chocolate Flamin City) of the world!

  • Sawyer

    when were they an item?! I thought she was f’in wit the footabll nucca??? How you go from Thomas Jones to Souljah Boy??? This chick must like variety!

    p.s. another reason why Twitter is the next bad idea…thats why I refuse to join facebook and my myspace page is getting deleted. Too many people having access to too much of your life. Its not healthy!

  • tray615301

    booooo!!! I dont be believe these twitter pages folks be puttin out. how we know thats the real megan good?! this how ish gets started… Hi Re!

  • ms meca ((sneaker pimp))

    i never heard of twitter and mobile web til they posted rihanna conversation and now this?

    and i agree i thought she was with thomas jones but soulja boy? major downgrade!

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….she is very fly in that pic….

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    WHy would she even become involved with him? His 30 minutes of fame are coming up.

  • jAWBONe

    “ship has sailed” Sounds like Megan offered the puss and homie either did not want it or want anymore of it, so she is now calling him gay. Just because he did not want anymore of hers does not mean that he is gay especially with all the other womwn he could easily have.

  • JUDY

    Damn! Aint this like the third time that someone has called him out? What kinda of man would turn down Meagan Good………………a gay one.

  • told you so

    and yeah ATL has one of the largest gay populations outside of San Fran

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