Did Mo’Nique Quit or Get Canned??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

One side is saying she got fired, but MoNique is insisting she has quit her radio show.  Either way that goes, the gig is up:

MoNique’s syndicated radio show will end its run on Wednesday (March 18) after just eight months on the air.

Radio Online is reporting that the comedienne has chosen to shut down “The Mo’Nique Show” in order to “further her career in television, film and comedy.” However, the Web site RadioSyndication Talk says the show was cancelled by distributor Syndication One.

“Details are still coming in but the handwriting was on the wall when after a much heralded debut on KDAY Los Angeles, the show was removed after just four months due to a format shift,” the Web site reported Saturday. “The same scenario happened in Philadelphia in January, leaving the show with less than seven affiliates.”

“The Mo’Nique Show” had aired in five of the top ten markets including Los Angeles and Houston.

“I would like to thank my fabulous board of directors for their daily inspiration and feedback and Radio One for the opportunity to further my entertainment brand through radio,” Mo’Nique said in a statement.

This big ass broad has nothing to worry about.  There are greener pastures in tv and film so she can graze as much as she wants.

More Mo’Nique pics below.


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  • Lisa Vee


  • Lisa Vee

    Now reading the article…

  • bored

    Just shave your legs and they might hire you back..

  • Lisa Vee

    Personally I think it got canned…

  • http://Bossip Tapanga G.

    She got canned! It happends! She’s not the first she’s not going to be the last… Moving On…

  • About it

    Sounds like radio couldn’t handle M’nique’s raunchiness and the producers pulled the plug. That’s okay, she is talented and there will be other opportunities.

  • Milia

    I co sign with bored

  • Moreaces

    To Bad, it was a cute lil show, She will am sure find another gig soon.. farwell

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever Christy

    YAY YAY.. GO MONIQUE.. BMORE STAND UP!! I figure they’re scared of her realness..

  • Jacobe

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  • Jacobe

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  • Taylor

    Love her … but why won’t she shave her legs!!!!

  • boughetto1

    If u reading monique your show helped those ones who were open to receive, (you had some excellent topics in there)so brush your shoulders off and look forward to whats next,

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re...Gambit Luva-Luva...™


    I hope she’s wearing lamb wool socks on her legs, cause what I think I’m looking at is really upsetting.

  • Yeah it's me

    I also liked the show here in LA. I now have nothing to listen to on my lunch. First was Michael then it was Monique. Now it’s bunk music that the foreigners like.

  • Yeah it's me

    4 real GLL I had to look real close like I know that is not hair all over her legs. We are not in a foreign country where that is not looked down upon. If she’s not shaving that I would hate for her to lift up them arms.

  • cmoore

    i refuse to believe that she let her leg hairs grow to that length and not think its wrong to wear a dress showing them!!!!!

  • Dream

    It didn’t even make it to Wednesday that isht was not on Monday LMAO they were playing smooth jazz and Frankie Beverly LMAO

  • dayg715

    most likely she was fired. someone with a mouth as big as hers would say she quit instead of admitting that she was fired.

  • Da R

    her big ass. sorry, but she is just too damn big.

  • Monique's hairy Legs

    They fired me so I quit!!

  • Theory of Truth

    The show was never the same after Sunny Andre left.

  • JUDY

    She is just determined not to shave her legs, aint she? Oh well I guess I better start accepting it to.

  • MACK

    Yeah the show did change after Sunnie Andre left, but it was a good show thought (MINUS her and her husband going on ANTI-bible rants)…

  • I Be Like Naw

    @Theory of Truth

    You are so right. Sonny Andre was the best one the show and when he was gone, I chunked up deuces and was out. Wasn’t long before the show was gone from the Philly market, back in January.

    @ reese615

    I read some of your responses on this and other threads. You have a real problem don’t you? Go ahead and bust that pimple and relieve the pressure off your brain.

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