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Woman Accused Of Performing Illegal C-Section On Dog

What type of person does some fawkery like this?

According to NY Daily News:

A Florida woman is accused of performing a lethal C-section on a dog without anesthesia before using non-surgical glue to close the incision.

Candace Patricia Hauser, who authorities said did not have a license to practice veterinary care, was arrested in Tampa Saturday — a little more than a week after the Mastiff died from its senseless injuries.
Authorities say the trouble began after dog owner Brenda Hines of Winter Haven brought the pregnant Mastiff to Hauser for help after the dog went into labor on March 4.

“She takes it over to the woman and the woman starts to help this dog birth by manual means — she actually reached into the dog and pulls 12 puppies out,” said Ron Spiller with the Hillsborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement.

It was when the dog had trouble delivering her last two puppies that Spilled said Hauser, 31, decided to open the dog up, without anesthesia.

“She glued the incision, she didn’t suture it, she glued it,” Spiller said of her handiwork once the puppies were out.

The dog, described by her owner to police as in declining health, died in her owner’s car.

She faces a maximum of five years behind bars and the lost right to own animals in Hillsborough County.

She should get WAY more than five years. This was beyond cruel and unnecessary.




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