Pot Meet Kettle: BBWLA Jailbird Sundy Carter Calls Draya Immature And Says She Needs To Act Her Age!

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Ho sit down!

Sundy Carter Says Draya Needs To Act Her Age

In a new interview with Vibe bitter old birds Jackie Christe and Sundy Carter went HAM on BBWLA star Draya. claiming she is too old to be acting as “extra” as she does on the show…

Via Fashion & Style reports:

United we stand and divided we fall. The same can be said of the season three cast of “Basketball Wives: LA.”

While it’s pretty clear the cast is divided into two different teams, one being Team Jackie Christie, the other being Team Draya Michele, it seems as though Jackie and her gang will find any reason to tear down their costars.

Jackie along with her posse made up of Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams recently visited Vibe where they dished on the many issues they seem to have with their cast mate.

“I don’t have a problem with Draya, you know it’s just… She’s so extra,” Brittish stated.

“She’s very immature in a lot of ways as well and I think a lot of the problems are brought on by her attitude,” Jackie explained. “You have to have a good attitude, especially being in this type of group.”

“I think that’s my problem with her. It’s her attitude,” Brittish said. “It’s like ‘I’m on top of the world and no one’s above me. That’s what I feel she’s extra on.”

“I also feel like when you’re in your thirties you can’t turn 28 like 50 million times, but when you’re actually are in your thirties you should act accordingly,” Sundy pipped in.

While each of the women may have their own personal issues with Draya, it certainly seems to be the grounds in which their friendship has elevated from. The trio went on to discuss how much they’ve grown since filming the show, and Jackie described the group not as just friends but more like family.

Wait! Isn’t this the same Sundy Carter who made fun of Brandi’s cancer, can’t go a day without a twitter beef AND has a criminal record longer than the list of married men she’s slept with??? GIRL BYE!

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