New Stud: Video Games Encourages Whites To Be Racist Against Blacks

New Study Claims Video Games Encourage Racism In White People By Always Depicting Black Characters As Violent

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Study Says Video Games Encourages White People To Be Racist Against Blacks

A new video game study conducted among white college students has produced some interesting findings that link racism in white people to violent black video game characters.

via Daily Mail

From Grand Theft Auto V to Saints Row 2 and Fight Night, many games let players choose between characters of different races.

However, researchers have found that when white people play as black characters in video games classified as violent, the players were more threatening, offensive and racist in real life.

Scientists described the findings as ‘disturbing’ because it is the first time the race of a computer alter ego, or avatar, has been linked to this change in behavior.  Psychologist Professor Brad Bushman, of Ohio State University, said it raises the troubling impact violent video games can have on players.

He said: ‘Playing a violent video game as a black character reinforces harmful stereotypes that blacks are violent.

‘We found there are real consequences to having these stereotypes. It can lead to more aggressive behaviour.’

Professor Bushman said: ‘The media has the power to perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are violent, and this is certainly seen in video games.

‘This violent stereotype may be more prevalent in video games than in any other form of media because being a black character in a video game is almost synonymous with being a violent character.’

In a second study, 141 white college students, 65 per cent of whom were girls, played one of two games – either WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010, or Fight Night Round 4.  They equally played as either a black or white avatar.

The former group were more likely to link the photos of black faces they were shown after their game with weapons, while the latter tended to link images of white people with harmless objects, such as mobile phones.

Do you agree with the findings in this study? Or is this just a scapegoat trying to justify why some white people are racist?



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