Good Girl Gone: When Wholesome Women Get Chopped Down And Turned Out By Bad Boys

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Wholesome Women Who Went With Bad Boys

Jay Z said it himself: when a good girl’s gone bad, she’s gone forever. These good girls were good then they got with some guys who weren’t considered as wholesome. How did it impact the women? Click and find out.

Jennifer Lopez – She went with Diddy and started wearing those bandanas like it was all good. But when he almost went to jail she bailed.

Beyonce – Her parents didn’t want her with bad boy Hov and his drug dealing past…but they seem to be doing decently.

Rihanna – When she first dated Chris Brown it was all good…but nobody wanted her going back to him after his run ins with the law…and her face.

Lauren London – She got with Weezy and he knocked her up. NOOOOOOO!!!

Lil Kim – Believe it or not, she was a wholesome 9-to-5er until Biggie turned her out.

Chanel Iman – We have no clue how this happened, but whatever.

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    Ariana Grande – If she’s really letting Breezy get those goods then yup it counts.

    Whitney Houston – That Bobby Brown was never good for her.

    Tiny – She got with T.I. when he was just a hood dude and they’ve stayed through thick and thin.

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