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    DAMN!! Kim’s nose is not the bizness. She needs to stop!! She is starting to look a lot like Michael Jackson and we all know he aint cute. Well, Michael is the Jet Beauty of the week! LOL!

  • Ken

    She is beautiful and gorgeous! seems saw her profile on millionaire and celebrity dating site millionairefriends .com. Don’t know if it is her.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    OMG, her nose?!?!? What’s with the dents? Is it collapsible?

  • lacyd (I like Chicken)

    PLEASE take that picture down. It scares me. No, I’m serious. She’s two surgeries away from looking like the lion lady.

  • Bahama Mama

    She had dreams of lookin like a black barbie well DAMN if they ain’t turn into every1 else’s nightmares

  • mrssexcee1bornN83'


  • elle

    damn sis


  • Teeza

    OUCH!!!!!! The plastic surgeon needs to be slugged down the middle of his/her face. To do Kim’s nose like that was un-called for!!!

    Or is that the result of multiple…whatever. I dont care but it look like it hurts!

  • naughtymountains

    @bones jordan^^^

    what personal issues..?

    she needed to

    do this to herself for what?

    wanting what someone else has…ain’t gonna ever satisfy you..

    halle, and em, don’t wake up in the morning looking like they do, without a huge team beside them!!

    smoke and mirrors..people!!

    it is delusional to believe in the illusion..

    and stupid to be manipulated in anyway..

  • Kompton'sKutie

    I think Kim is cute, I didn’t find anything wrong with her b4 all the surgeries.

    But her nose is really looking like Michael Jackson’s nose-that’s not good.

  • lacyd (I like Chicken)
  • samira

    Kim has gone too far IMHO. She was beautiful before all them “modifications”


    Who let the cowardly lion out???? LMAO

  • Sun Goddess

    Kim is a black Tammy Baker…or whatever he name is….

  • say2

    Kim looks really pretty… in a artificial sense. She needs to take out the atrocious contact lens, maybe try to make her nose look normal, lay off the bleach and we’re good I think. Plastic surgery is okay but when you’re trying to look like someone else or fit into society’s ideal of beauty, that’s a problem.

  • k-

    @ Lacyd


    However, it was said that she was spotted on

    Hahahha that is funny! 🙂

  • TXbred

    She doesn’t acutally look bad here… I would smash

  • Real Talk

    Kim looks a HOT MESS!!! She looks like a cross between a Care Bear and the Fraggle Rocks!

  • Dee

    She was pretty before the plastic surgery overload…

    I feel sad for her in a way; Kim only wanted/wants to look her best like most ladies, I’m sure, but somewhere along the line, there were probably some insecurities that helped make her feel that she wasn’t good enough as she was before. Shame….

  • Southern Belle 225

    @just sit

    girl, i was thinking the same thing! you hit it right on the nose!

  • Mo'Ree

    *dials the crypt keeper*

  • angel

    She actually doesn’t look that bad. Shes looked worse. Just grow some real eyebrow hair, let the eyeliner down and she’ll be okay.

  • naughtymountains

    @bones jordan

    if she were beautiful now,,

    everyone on here would be remarking on that…

    changing your appearance for anyone,, is a wasted joke for real…

    bleaching,,constructive surgery,,colored contacts..


    why so much self-hatred for our natural selves,,

    are we so unused and uncomfortable to what we used to look like,,,which is stunning by the way,,,

    (hence,,that is why white folks have always wanted to look like us)

    they have always been jealous..and always will be.

    black people need to live and love themselves

    unapologetically!! PERIOD!!

    cause to me,,,you are telling (GOD, ALLAH,,etc,,)

    that what was given to you at birth is somehow not good enough..and He didn’t know what he was doing.

    all of this for a few magazine covers,..

  • Kia

    Out of the Comestic Surgery Casualties we had this year, I would’ve expected Lil Kim to be the first before Donda West!

    I still love you Kim

    She was beautiful BEFORE the surgery.

    Now….I don’t know

  • Dalia

    Lil Kim’s plastic surgeon messed her nose up! That is just ridiculous.

    And I know that she didn’t intend to look like a chipmunk storing nuts in her cheeks. She needs to ask for her money back.

    As for the eyebrows…..they speak for themselves.

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