Woman Tricked People Into Believing She Was Pregnant With Quintuplets

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Tricked Boyfriend And Entire Canadian Town Into Believing She Was Pregnant With Quintuplets

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Woman Tricked People Into Believing She Was Pregnant With Quintuplets

How much baby formula and diapers did she think she would get before the jig was up?

According to CTV News:

A Quebec woman convinced an entire town she was pregnant with quintuplets — but she wasn’t.

The woman had told her boyfriend she was pregnant about a month after they met on an online dating site. At first, she said she was expecting twins. Then it changed to triplets and then quadruplets.

The community of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu rallied around the expectant couple and the expecting father created a Facebook page to keep family and community members up to date.

Geneviève Laflamme, a mother of triplets herself, befriended the future mother. Laflamme says she began to suspect something wasn’t right when she noticed holes in the woman’s story. Then, a week before the woman’s purported due date, she told Laflamme she had undergone another ultrasound that revealed there were actually five babies inside her. Laflamme didn’t buy it.

But Facebook followers of the mother showered the couple with gifts and offers of help.The whole story fell apart Tuesday when the woman’s boyfriend took her to hospital for her delivery at 34 weeks.

A nurse took Paul aside and informed him his girlfriend was not pregnant at all and had either faked or imagined the whole thing. The woman is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, which is why CTV News has decided not to identify her.

It’s good she’s getting her head examined. Her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.




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