The Baby Wipes Winner Is?????

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Terrence Howard brought his new girl, actress Zulay Henao, and his baby-wipes game to Cancun, Mexico recently.

Zulay is making all the right moves to “try’ to get off D-list status within a few years.

Mr. Baby Wipes was spotted leaving a club with a “stringy-haired” woman in Hollyweird in October and was linked to Miss USA, Rachel Smith, back in September.


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  • follow the leader


  • whatitis

    Terrance wins the tragic male mulatto of the year award.

  • wow

    does he have a perm???


    I know that there will be alot of comments about the black man with the white girl thing but let me say this. That girl is a DYME!!!! I’d hook up with her too. so before all the hate mail comes in just admit this girl is fine first. Then you can hate on the Black man with the White woman like I know you will do

  • jay

    Let me say, I cant blame Baby wipes for hittin that, her body is RIGHT!

  • Nikki

    Where did the nickname Mr.Baby wipes come from?


    @ i love…’Snickers’

    He sure does. Remember this? ” My office hours are 9 to 5″ LOL Classic.


    @ i love…’Snickers’

    I think his name was Bird.

  • lacyd (I like Chicken)

    No M-Daddy, I’m gonna straight hate on dude’s hair. It’s straighter than hers. But he is OWNING it, so I guess I can’t really hate. STATIC SHOCK!!!!

  • Mahogany

    His hair makes me want to watch the 5 heartbeats.

    *I got nothing but love 4 U baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby*

  • lacyd (I like Chicken)

    I must say that he is not on her level. He lookin at her like, girl I know you love me…she looking like rrrrrright, don’t touch me.

  • Mahogany

    My bad 4 the repitition.

    I didn’t scroll up .

  • jay

    @ Nikki

    From my understand he supposedly likes to wipe his rear after a #2 with baby wipes. Somebody please tell me if I have that wrong.

  • naughtymountains

    happy 2b nappy ^^^^^

    i wholeheartedly co-sign with you..

    he truly looks disappointing in everyway possible!

    she can have him..

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    @Nikki and Jay…He made comments about using baby wipes and that if a woman did not use them, she was not clean. Also something about if you wipe with just tissue you are not cleaning yourself up. I think I got the main points, but I am sure other can and will add to it.

  • wow

    I thought it was because he uses baby wipes after sex… I could be wrong tho

  • Ms. Fab

    You got it right, Happy 2 B Nappy….Terrence Howard is such a joke. The guy is just sleazy.


    @lacyd (I like Chicken)

    Its cool you can hate on the hair. I’m not feelin the conk look. He should know you are not supposed to get into the water with a processed hair doo

  • naughtymountains


    you are correct..

    like we want to know how and what he wipes with..


  • mrssexcee1bornN83'

    he is on wippe him down he is on wipe him down ( SUEDDDE DADDDY, BIG DADDY SLICKBACK SAID ITS GOING DOWN SUCKA MAN HE DONT TAKE TOO KINDLY TO HIS OWN KINFOLK ( PLAYING SUPERFLY MUSIC) SORRY his only purpose in life is to whoop that trick get em whoop dat trick sorry yall. put that bytch on a stroll a pimp called slickback lol

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of baby wipes myself…buy them at costco in bulk. I will not knock another person unless I go for relations and they ain’t smelling or tasting right, LMAO!! Then I will introduce them to soap and water and/or baby wipes.

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Hell soap and water is forplay. I call it water sports. Not the R-Kelly water game, lol.

  • mrssexcee1bornN83'

    i love snickers that is big red from the five heartbeats lmao lmao

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    My bad on my last couple of posts. I had shall we say a liquid lunch and I am just rolling with the punches, lol.

  • Calla Lily

    Zulay Henao who?

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